Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Food Bucket from Costco

The other week I saw an ad from Costco which had an emergency food bucket with 390 servings on sale for $99.  This amounts to about twenty-five cents per serving.  Can’t go wrong with that so I bought a bucket.   I didn’t even read the list of dishes.  I had no idea if it was all main dishes, some sides, some drinks, I just didn’t pay attention.  I was just stuck on the price.  I did know it was vegetarian and also said it contained 30 days of 2000 calories per day servings.  And it came in a large 7 gallon plastic bucket with a gamma lid.  Couldn’t really pass that up. 
I was thinking about 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches, and 30 dinners with maybe some snacks or drinks.  I really didn’t know what I was buying.  I was really surprised when I opened up the bucket.  There were 15 packages of dried or dehydrated mylar packaged foods.  The questions I had were these: 390 servings of what size?  A serving for a child or an adult? How did it taste?  How easy was it to make?  Would I eat only what was in the bucket for 30 days straight and keep my sanity and health? 
First things first.  Each of the 15 bags said it held 30 servings.  All main dish types.  No snacks, no drinks.  This comes to 15 servings per day of main dishes.  So I’d have to figure out if I was going to eat one thing each day or if I was going to eat 15 different things each day.  Or, I suppose, a combination of maybe some each day and alternate on some type of weekly menu plan. 
There are three breakfast type of bags.  There’s oatmeal with brown sugar.  That is not much different than the instant Quaker Oats except it’s in one bag rather than 30 individual little packs.  The second breakfast food was grits with cheddar cheese and green chili peppers.  The third is creamy cinnamon rice (which would be good with raisins added).  A serving of each of the breakfasts, and really almost all the foods were ¼ cup of the ingredients plus water.  Thinking about that, if you were eating oatmeal for breakfast would you only eat one little package?  Not around my house.  Girl wasn’t buying into my experiment.  She would rather have yougert for breakfast.  Fine, Boy and I will try it.  I said up to three servings for breakfast.  After all, if you get 15 servings per day splitting them into three at breakfast, five  at lunch, and 7 at dinner seemed reasonable.  We both had two servings for breakfast.  That means we have a serving in reserve.  It also means we wouldn’t quite be getting our 2000 calories per day.  The oatmeal he cooked in the microwave.  He complained that it tasted just like regular oatmeal.  I guess that’s good.  I made the grits.  I didn’t make it according to the directions.  You are supposed to simmer it for a long time.  If this was really emergency times I wouldn’t want to be simmering and wasting fuel for 15 minutes.  But because I didn’t make it to the directions it was runny and a bit gritty.  But it still tasted good and I was full after eating my two servings.  
When I finished my breakfast I thought about it.  I would not like to have this for breakfast every day. I don’t know if I would like the oatmeal one day, grits the next, then rice the next, and repeat every three days.  I would probably want to skip breakfast.  If this was all we had we could supplement well with the fruits and eggs from the yard.  Otherwise I’d be bored.
I went out to lunch today at work since I had to go out of town.  Hey, if work pays for my lunch then I’m game for eating in a restaurant!  The kids didn’t want to bring this to school for their lunches either.  Not daring enough yet. 
For dinner I got out two of the bags.  Black beans and rice and chicken flavored vegetable stew.  I made six servings of the black beans and rice and eight servings of the stew.  This meant 2/3 cup dried beans with 1 1/3 cup water for each of us for the bean dish and ½ cup stew mix and two cups of water for the main part of the meal.  I put the beans with its water into the rice cooker.  I cooked the stew mix in a pot on the stove.  Dinner for each was a plate of two servings of beans and rice and a bowl with two cups of stew.  Let me tell you, dinner was delicious – at least much better than I’d ever expected! 
I figured seven servings per person for dinner and we were full with four.  Now we did all snack during the day, but I don’t think we would have eaten seven servings no matter how hungry we were.  Although there are 12 lunch and dinner packages, one of the packages is cheese sauce so there’s really 11 different varieties.  Eating two varieties at lunch and two at dinner means a rotation of meals every three days.  Or every six days if one would eat a larger portion but only have one variety at each meal. 
I need to experiment with the cooking.  Each one says to boil them simmer for around 15 minutes.  That’s too long.  I am going to use my cooking in the ice chest method. Remember that?  You fill an ice chest with blankets.  Then you bring your pot of food to a boil on the stovetop.  As soon as you are sure that all the food is really hot you take it off the burner, put on the lid, and put the pot into the ice chest.  Put more blankets on top and close the ice chest.  It will slow cook all day and be ready many hours later.  So if I boil everything up in the morning and placed it into the ice chest it would be ready to eat at lunch and at dinner, with only a few minutes on the stove rather than 15-20 for each meal. 
$25 per week to feed one person.  That’s less than I spend on groceries.  Of course there’s nothing fresh but I would supplement the main dishes with fruit and vegetables from the garden.  I will probably buy more buckets. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thoughts about my food storage. I just don't know how much or what is right.

Question number one.  How much food do I really need to store?  I suppose I need to ask the larger question. How much food will Boy and Girl raid from the cabinet during the middle of the night?  OK, not really the larger question…  How long do I think no food will be available or that I won’t have time or opportunity to grow my own food?  What’s the worst case scenario compared to the best?  What type of diet should I expect to keep in either of these scenarios?  Do I want to store food for the future (disaster times) that I’m not really rotating or do I want to rotate everything?  Money does come into effect here with some of my decisions.  Oh, and getting my food storage attacked by moths makes me rethink things too – how did they get into sealed containers that were frozen for weeks prior to packing?
 Let’s say I had as much money to spend as I wanted.  Then my solution would be easy.  I would buy a 10 year supply of freeze dried food.  Yes, 10 year supply for at least 3 people.  That would cost a hundred thousand.  Then I would go to the grocery store and purchase everything canned and packaged item that I would use for three years, maybe four.  Supplement this with fresh and frozen foods purchased on a biweekly basis and we’d be good to go.  And every six months I’d restock the house with new freeze dried and canned and packaged items that were used in the past six months.  Yes, we’d be set.  But that is not my reality and it is not my goal.    So then I have to define a realistic goal.  Am I still interested in having a 10 year stockpile of food?  Maybe.  OK, yes, doesn’t everyone wish for this?  Goals… Don’t forget to set realistic goals.  Measure, benchmark, improve, repeat – that gets pounded into us at work, how about if I use some of that training at home?  How about if I split up the food storage goals.  What do I really want in a 10 year, 5 year, 2 year, and 6 month plan?    Needs change.  For instance, right now one of our favorite things to eat is anything with cheese.  Cheese baked in crackers, cheese on tortillas, cheese on bread, cheese in noodles, cheese and eggs, and cheese with cheese!  Therefore I purchased six cans of freeze dried cheese.  That’s about 250 servings.  Not too many considering we use at least one 5 pound bag of shredded cheese every month, which is 80 servings. My six cans would last about 3 months if we used cheese the same way we use it now.  But would we?  See that’s the big question that I have to answer.  And it’s almost impossible to answer correctly because it’s all guessing and estimating.  Sure I want to believe that in a SHTF new lifestyle that we would eat exactly how we do now.  But that’s not really the case.  Circumstances change.  If TSHTF and I really needed to dig into my 5 or 10 year…or even my 2 year…food supply would I really need to buy that much cheese?  If things were that bad, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t be working an hour away from home five days a week.  I’d probably be home.  Gee, if I were home for the 55 hours a week that I’m either commuting or at the office I probably could be more self-supporting at home.  Would I be milking our animals and making my own cheese?  Probably.  I usually keep about 15-20 pounds of the shredded cheese at home between the fridge and freezer.  So do I really need more than the 250 servings of cheese in freeze dried form?  With the way my brain is, always wanting to be on the conservative side, I’d probably want to get another 6 pack.  But no more than that.   Cheese was an easy item to figure out.    What about tuna fish?  Or the canned beef and chicken that I buy rather than all meat being grown and butchered from home?  One year’s worth in the pantry should do it because then I would have the time to increase my livestock from what we have now.  OK, then I want two years to be conservative.  How much is two years worth really?  I don’t know.  Since we eat maybe three or four cans of meat or fish each month how much would that increase if I wasn’t buying it fresh from the grocery store?  700 cans?  Now one chicken lasts for two meals.  Would I really be butchering three chickens per week?  Would we butcher one chicken per week, and have fish or lamb or goat the other days? How much meat would we really eat?  How many cans of cubed freeze dried meat should I have in storage?  Right now I don’t have any.  Should I?  Or will our 35 chickens, 4 sheep (no spring lambs yet), or 1 goat be enough? Yes I know I need a second goat!    I kept a list of everything that we ate in a week.  Things sure are different on days I’m working and the grandkids fend for themselves compared to days I am responsible for all the food on the table.  The kids were very heavy into yogurt, sugary cereal, pop-tarts, cookies, crackers, Dinty Moore beef stew, and top ramen.  Throw in carrots, celery, and Koolaid and they are set.  I suppose it’s a good thing that I actually give them a good dinner and good meals on the weekends.  But their food is easy to store if I wanted to put up 150 cans of beef stew and 300 packages of top ramen.  I could buy that much and then they’d decide they don’t like that anymore and would pick something else to eat every day!  Wheat?  One pound per day per person.  1000 pounds for one year for our house.  Really?  In 5 gallon buckets this means 40 buckets.  That’s about one 55 gallon drum filled with wheat per person.  That will feed one person for a year with little or no additional food to supplement.  Well, if I really can grow it then I wouldn’t need to store as much.  But growing and gathering and threshing is a lot of work, especially if I am thinking about the worst case scenario.  Storing some 55 gallon barrels is an easy enough thing for me to do, and cheap enough too.  Plus, I have the space for something that size.    I haven’t really answered my first question of how much, have I?  I do know that I have about 400 canning jars.  That’s enough for one jar of food every day for a year, plus a little more.   But there are three of us.  Would 1 can of food be enough? Would there be refrigeration so we don’t have to eat everything in one jar and we could have a variety? We also have about 50 fruit trees.  On a good year, if I put up every single piece of fruit produced, we would have more than 1000 pounds of fruit.  The olives could produce all the oil we need.  How much would that be?  I have no idea.    I have about 40 cans of spaghetti sauce.  I was so happy to get them on sale for .88 each.  But if I had spent the time in the garden, I could have canned the tomatoes into spaghetti sauce and saved some money. Or is it easier right now to spend the $40 on spaghetti sauce? Obviously last year I chose the purchase from the store route.  I may do the same this year.  I don’t know.    Let’s go back to the wheat.  One acre of wheat will grow somewhere between forty and fifty bushels. That’s 2400-3000 pounds of wheat or 6-8 pounds per day.  That’s enough to cover the three of us if we ate 1 pound per person per day.    Sugar and salt for preservation.  I have about 150 pounds of sugar on hand.  I have about 30 pounds of salt.  Sure, I can use honey instead of the sugar.  We have hive.  All we have to do is get hit with a hive disease that kills them all.  Then what?  So we keep the sugar in the pantry.  Besides Koolaid with honey? I haven’t tried lemonade with honey.  I’m sure that will be good.  I could get more salt since I can imagine putting up a lot of pickled products if things go south.  If not, salt is cheap and lasts forever, so it’s not a total waste of money to keep it on hand.    Cookies and crackers and other wheat based junk food… The kids love eating their junky food.  I don’t really care if they do.  I know they eat well when I’m giving them the food.  I also know that the school provides free salad bar and they will actually eat salad every day, and not just for the dressing…along with their pop-tarts and cookies.  I bought a ton of crackers and cookies for them.  Then they didn’t like those and liked something else.  So those just sat in the pantry.  Then the oil or fat in them goes rancid or the moths attack and they all go to the chickens.  What a waste of money.  So I’m not doing it that way anymore.  I don’t have lots of time to bake cookies or crackers.  If TSHTF and I am home I will be able to bake those types of goods so I’m not really worried about having them on hand in super storage mode.  I usually buy three or four boxes of pop-tarts at the dollar store.  I also buy a box or two of crackers I like (mega-jumbo box of fishy crackers, plus Ritz).  If the kids don’t eat them then I will but I won’t buy more until those are gone.  So there’s never a real stockpile of crackers.  
My pantry has over 100 linear feet of shelving.  It’s also usually pretty full.  Plus I have food storage in the mud room, plus more in the kitchen.  Total over 150 linear feet.  That’s a lot of food, jars, and cans that can be stored.  But it’s also a large area for storing the wrong things.  How much is too much?  How much is not enough? I still don’t know.  I’m still working on it.    

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Shanty

I haven’t written in such a long time! I guess I was going through a combination of rethinking my survival preparation plans, dealing with work, not having great internet access, and also lacking time. I suppose the only good excuse of the four is not having great internet access. It’s hard to post when you can’t. Well, that’s not quite true. I can get onto my blog from the work computer and post whenever I want. The problem with that is work has a very intrusive email and internet system. We can’t get onto personal email, youtube, ebay, and the like but yes to blogs? Doesn’t make sense to me. Everything we send and receive through their system is documented as ours. I do not wish for them to document my blog.

Work has been interesting. I made it through my first year and didn’t get fired or laid off. About 10% of our division is now gone…most laid off or retired. My supervisor? Outright fired. It’s really ugly at the office. On the other hand, (and isn’t there always one when I write?) I do really like the group of people I work with. But I trust the executives in this company so much less than I trust the executives in this government… So I do my work, I cause minor amounts of irritation, and hopefully I will keep the position for another 3 years and 10 months until I am fully vested and can leave. Of course, I can leave before then (first goal is 18 months from now) but I will be leaving quite a bit of money on the table from the 401k. We will see…

I have done quite a lot of thinking and rethinking about my survival plans. You hear so much about needing to relocate to less populated places, and I agree that the middle of a big city during a total meltdown would be terrible, but I don’t think the less populated places are all that great either. I am not going to pack up and move out of state…probably. (You never know what twists and turns life brings.) I read stories about other states that are so much better for survivalists and those states have some totally crazy rules and regulations that I don’t wish to abide by either! And many of those states are getting worse by the year. So I’m settled here, I will plan for here.

What brings moving up? I had the opportunity to purchase my friend’s property. I like the place. It’s over 80 acres, with ponds, some fruit trees, a nice house, etc. But the political landscape of that state is as crazy as here. I also have the Bug-out property. Son is living there with his family. I was going to put time and money into that place. Then the drug dealers moved into the neighborhood. That area has always had some crime…amazing that a population of 250 people or so in a 10 mile area can spend their life “borrowing” things from their neighbors. But now it’s ugly. High fences going up. Guard dogs that get out and eat neighbor livestock. Hope it changes, but it’s not really going to be my go-to place anymore.

I may still purchase some other go-to Bug-out place. I have been spending more time in the wilderness and know where many backwoods camps are. They are great in years like now, with little snow. Put 10 feet or so of snow on the ground and I’m not wanting to be there either. So, for now, it’s my five acres of paradise in the Great Central Valley of California. Oh yes, I do have water unlike many of the farmers that are desperately in need.

So then what am I rethinking? Am I doing it right? While I love this property, as long as I have to work full-time somewhere else I just don’t have time to do everything that I want or need to do. So instead I decided to rethink the way I am prepping. Do I need the monster garden to grow all of our food? Do I need to can 600 cans of fruits, vegetables, and meats each year? Do I need to store 20 boxes of crackers only to have to feed them to the chickens when they get stale? Do I need 30 or 40 chickens? What changes to the house should I be making? What changes to the yard should I be making? Do I need more fruit trees? Should I be making olive oil now? Can anything be just for fun or does it all have to do with prepping? How should I balance contributing to a 401k compared to paying off the house compared to stocking up preps? Do we dare go on a vacation away from home? How far away is not too far? How do I really predict a collapse of society or is it just happening in front of us everyday and we as a whole can’t see that the flame is just being turned up underneath the dancing chicken?

I’m not going to go into all of my decisions today. Then what would I have to write about? Girl and Boy? They are growing up. Girl is in jr. hi. At least it’s a K-8 school so while there are jr. hi issues, it’s not the same as a real jr. hi. Still drama. Just got a text from one of her girlfriends…”If you are killed I won’t be at your funeral…I’ll be in jail for killing the person who killed you because I love you. Pass this email along so you will have good luck with everyone who loves you.” No, Girl won’t be passing that email along.

About a month or two ago girl decided to build her own house. She keeps asking for me to buy her a shed that she can move into. No, I’m not spending the money on a house for you. Earn or build your own. So she did. At the back of the property, under the fig trees, she built what I call “the shanty”. It’s a little homeless shelter looking thing built out of scrap she found in our scrap pile and in the neighbor’s scrap pile. The neighbors had a lounge chair frame which she fixed and covered with seat cushions. She built a table out of scraps of wood. She has a bookshelf, sealed boxes for food, and a container for clothes. She brought matches and a candle out there. I promptly brought it back into the house and told her no fires. She hasn’t though about taking one of the solar walkway lights to use for lighting. They would work just fine until about midnight or so when they would go out. If she put a good backup battery into it the thing would be able to stay lit all night.

Unfortunately for her, she is afraid of the dark so she won’t sleep in it. She does go out there on weekends during the day. The other day she left the phone in it so I told her she had to go get it. Unfortunately it had just gotten dark. Even with my best flashlight, she was not going to walk the ¼ mile on a moonless night. So I made her sit out on the back patio for about an hour until I was done with what I was doing. Then we walked together to the back. She got the phone and we started walking back to the house. I told her to close her eyes. She did. Then I turned the flashlight off. It took her about a minute to get her bearings but then we walked back to the house without the flashlight. The stars can light your way if you let them. If you adjust your eyes you can see quite well. The problem is when you have lights on or near the ground, these interfere with the light from the sky. When we were getting closer to the house the neighbor’s bright light really did make it more difficult to see right in front of us. Blinded by the light!

So am I. There is so much information being thrown at us that we are blinded. So stepping back and then figuring out how to look forward has been made a little easier. I will write about my changes. Just not today! I plan on making time to post at least once a week. I sure do miss writing daily but this new job does not allow me the free time.

Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm still here!

I do still exist.  I will be back to writing soon.  In fact, I think this weekend.  Sorry for the two month (almost three) break.  All is well...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Coming soon to a feed store near you - No more animal antibiotics for sale

Supposedly the FDA has a new voluntary program that is getting rid of antibiotics used in animal feed and in drinking water.  Now I don't want to get into it with people as to whether the use of these antibiotics is the source of all our antimicrobial resistance issues we face.  All I know is that the FDA is now making this "voluntary" to remove them from the feed.  But we all know that voluntary doesn't really mean voluntary.  The FDA has now decreed that the antibiotics for animals are to go from over-the-counter (OTC) to prescription by a veterinarian. 

What does this mean to me?  Right now I can order "animal" antibiotics on-line or even purchase them at the local feed store.  In three years, this will be phased out.  Animal antibiotics, that can also be used for people, won't be easily (or cheaply - have you noticed they are much less expensive for the animals than they are for people) available.  Now this is supposed to be in effect for meat animals including chickens, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, etc.  I assume that "fish" meds are still going to be available.  But who knows.  The far reaching FDA may ban that as well, after all, we eat fish too. 

If the final ban takes place in three years, I'm sure it will be phased out and unavailable much sooner.  It's time to make sure we are stocked up.  It's also time to do more research to see how long these meds will last in our storage program. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bugs, the cold, and having some fun

Next week I will have been here at my “new” job for a year.  I noticed that my postings dropped drastically over the past year.  I used to post between 200-300 per year, but this year, not even close to 100.  There were a few reasons for it, some I’ve whined about in past posts…
I only sort of have the internet issue sorted out at home.  Tethering my phone to my computer works well but I’m always worried that I will use too much of the allowance and have a killer bill.  I haven’t gone over yet, but it’s still a worry.  I will probably just spend another $10 a month and my worries will be over.  

Most of my prepping at home has come to a halt, at least when I compare it to what I’ve done over the past few years.  I just don’t have time to do much of anything.  When the job was four long days at least I had all day Friday to work uninterrupted on things.  Now I’m gone five semi-long days.  On the weekend we only have one day to play catch-up with all the chores and the other day we are in town for much of the day.  In a way it’s good to be stretched too thin.  If TSHTF we would be pulled in so many different directions that something would have to get put onto the back burner.  This is a good test to see what can be pushed aside that at one time was thought to be high priority.  

Well, I say it’s halted but it hasn’t really.  The pastures are planted in the different grains, and I’m hoping that they rooted enough before we got the freezing weather.  I guess spring will tell.  The sheep are still eating leaves off the mulberry trees.  Probably only one more good rain and the rest of the leaves will fall.  I do feel sorry for them and give them a flake of hay every few days but that’s my brain, they really don’t need it.  

The chickens are on scratch only.  Their egg laying is over until spring.  I have more chickens than we need for egg production and there's no reason to keep feeding them.  I am going to pick out about 1/3 of the chickens and butcher them.

Last winter I put up plastic sheeting at the front porch and also in front of the family room area.  While it did keep those spaces a little warmer, I didn’t like the overall effect of not being able to see out those windows.  I would like to enclose that one space in front of the family room but my money priority isn’t that.  I’m still trying to figure out how to keep the house warmer during the winter.  The ceilings are insulated as are the walls.  Years ago in another house I put plastic on the inside of the windows to make an air space.  I am going to try that again to see if it works.  Same thing with my bedroom.  It’s always at least 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house if I am not running the central heat.  Those windows I will cover with plastic this week.  

Bugs got into some of the rice.  When I buy rice in the 25 pound bag I put it into the freezer before it ever makes it into the house.  After a week or two or a month (depending on if I need the freezer space) I take it out and put it into plastic buckets.  Normally I pour the rice into mylar bags, but for some reason I just put these store sacks into the bucket.  Perhaps I had extra rice that didn’t fit into the mylar bags, or I had filled my rice can in the kitchen, or something.  I just can’t remember why the rice was stored this way.  I’m assuming the little larva that was crawling around in the sacks of rice found their way into this bucket with a flimsy lid.  It just makes me wonder what else has bugs crawling around in it.  I am going to open a bucket of rice with the rice stored in mylar.  Hopefully that won’t have any bugs.  

I’ve also realized that I can’t store crackers so I no longer buy those in bulk.  The grandkids like one kind, then another, then another.  My normal is to buy for a year or so at a time.  Unfortunately, the oil, shortening, fat, or whatever they use in crackers goes bad quickly.  They end up tasting horrible and nobody wants to eat them.  Instead I have stocked up on cracker recipes and can make batches if necessary.  I still buy crackers but only a box or two at a time and they are usually gone before my next shopping trip.    I still have over a year worth of food stored and other supplies.  But I am changing my tactics.  I am going to purchase more freeze dried foods for the future and not concentrate on as much of a variety of everyday items.  No more having 10 varieties of crackers.  No more having 20 varieties of soup.  We don’t need that much variety.  

I also keep trying to reduce the stuff in the house.  I know other people make money on Craigslist or E-bay.  The only thing I’ve had much luck with is selling sheep.  Nothing else seems to sell so I am making a lot of donations rather than making some extra money.  

We had fun at Thanksgiving.  We ended up going down to San Diego sister’s house. I brought an extra grandkid (the 6 year old).  We went on a cruise around the San Diego harbor.  On the way home we stopped off at the Nixon Presidential Library.  The kids liked walking through Army 1.  We also went to Knott’s Berry Farm.  Girl loved the scary rides.  Boy wasn’t quite there yet but did go on a couple of rides that roll you upside down.  The six year old was quite happy with Camp Snoopy rides.  I did get him onto the tower that’s like the Space Needle.  You could see downtown LA.  He wasn’t really comfortable with it because it went up high.  He loved the baby roller coaster so I thought to myself, “why not try a big one?” For our last family ride, (yes I did get Girl and Boy to go on the baby rides) we choose a roller coaster that the six year old was tall enough for.  I kept telling him that he would have fun. Boy and Girl sat together and little Boy and I sat together.  In the middle of the ride, little one screamed so I said “isn’t this fun?” His response, “I HATE THIS RIDE!”  Well he survived.  He repeated his statement several more times.  I thought I ruined his experience.  No.  After he got over that, several times he thanked me for bringing him.  “It was so much fun!”  

One of the things I like about Knott’s Berry Farm is the shootout.  The sheriff always shoots the Bank Robber.  Yes, real looking guns and loud bangs with every shot.  I also like some of the old-time craft demonstrations that the kids can watch.  Normally I don’t buy much, but we did indulge in one item.  They had a bucket filled with snow and a pot filled with heated maple syrup.  The person poured a stream of maple syrup across the snow (about one foot in length) then put a large Popsicle stick on one end and rolled it up into a frozen maple syrup sucker.  Not having lived in the snow ever or even spending much time in it (other than now working in it) I had never seen this done.  It was delicious and of course it was a race to see if you could eat it before it all melted back into gooey maple syrup.  I wonder if you can do it with fake maple syrup, aka known as Log Cabin or cheap store brand, or homemade syrup with Mapleine flavoring and sugar water. If so, it’s a good treat to be added to our preps.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Keeping track of what you buy

I was out hanging laundry this morning and the next door neighbor told me that the rabbits are now eating his irrigation hose.  I pulled mine up and they still want to eat black hose so they just moved over 50 feet and found his.  I suggested we trick them and leave some chewed up hose laying around.  Maybe they won't eat his good hose.  He suggested trapping them and eating them.  Good idea.  Do you want to borrow my traps?

I was in Home Depot the other day buying the parts needed to put in the sprinklers for the raspberries. I overheard one couple talking about what type of lamp they were going to purchase. In the middle of the conversation the lady remembered that she had already purchased the lamp and it was stored away in the closet waiting for the day they would install it. They almost made the purchase again. We've all done that. Gone to the store to buy something that we already had.

I do that a lot but most of the time I do so because I don't want to use the “spare” at home. I'd rather always have an extra as long as I have the ability to go to the store and buy another. There are a couple of issues here. One is remembering what you have on hand. The other is knowing where to look for it. Now my mother has an even bigger issue. She knows where it is but can't get to it because there's so much stacked in front of it. She will just go to the store and buy more.

Christmas is coming. Yes, I know it's not Thanksgiving yet. Do you have your wrapping paper? Did you buy it last year after Christmas? Do you know where it is? I remember years ago, when the day after Christmas sales started at the early hour of 8:00 in the morning (stores didn't open until 10 normally). My sister and I would hang out together and hit all the sales so we could store it for the next year or two. It was a good idea because we bought a supply of a couple of years and we actually used it until it was almost gone. Then we'd repeat the shopping spree. Great bonding time! On the other end of this spectrum is someone like my mother who probably has 50 rolls of wrapping paper. But for the next holiday she will go out and buy more because it's easier to buy more than to move boxes around to get to what she has.

So, while I was at Home Depot overhearing that couple, I was wondering to myself about how many things most people buy intending to do that project on our next rainy day bit of free time. I have an ongoing project list. It's never ending. I mean, does anyone ever have a project list that is ever complete? Right now my list includes repairing the trailer vent (I bought and repaired two. I needed 3), winter trim the fruit trees, repair the garden beds, clean out the center barn, fix the chipper, fix the kids shower knob, rewax both toilets, paint the laundry room, and the list goes on and on. I can purchase items in advance for many of these projects. For these projects I need one vent cover, trailer bathroom vent fan, screw driver, electrical tape, ladder, 3 dozen 6” nails, drill, gas hose, pliers, a slip ring and the pliers for it, a new knob, toilet wax rings, paint, brushes, etc. On the list next to each project I write down items necessary, what is on hand and what needs to be purchased.

For example, to fix the trailer vents I need to purchase one more cover and a vent fan. I have the ladder, screw driver, and electrical tape. Even if I wasn't planning on completing this task for another month or so, or six, if I bought the vent and fan I'd check them off on the list. That project could get completed at any time. (Like before the rain!)

Tonight we had fried chicken and fried zucchini. Sometimes I'm just in a mood for fried food. The three year old granddaughter is over for the night and she helped me pick the zucchini. Yes, it's the middle of November and I'm still picking zucchini from the garden. In 16 years of gardening here in the Great Central Valley I've never had zucchini, eggplant, and even tomatoes still flowering in November!

At bedtime the little one asked if she could wear Girl's pjs from when she was little.  Sure.  I pulled out two of the four pairs of Girls pjs from when she was three.  Do you want the two piece thermals or the one-piece foot pjs with the long zipper? She chose the one-piece today.  I have really cut back on how many clothes I keep on hand for just-in-case.  With all the hand-me-downs plus the few I bought for Girl she had drawers stuffed with clothes.  Just because a little one may have 20 t-shirts doesn't mean I need to keep all 20.  Two or three is plenty.  The younger grandkids all come with a bag of clothes to use during their stay, but they always want to wear Girl's or Boy's clothes from when they were little.  It's cute. 

I was told I'm keeping my job. I'm glad, but a part of me was really wishing I'd have gotten laid off. I'm not quite financially ready to not have a job, but we would have managed, and I would have been able to really concentrate on working here on the property. But, this means that although I don't have much time to spend concentrating on prepping, the money is still there to be able to purchase prep items.
I've gotten used to the new cell phone already.  No more bouts of frustration.  I do have to watch how much time I'm tethering the phone to the computer but so far, so good.