Monday, August 23, 2010

Non-Hybrid Seeds Blatant Advertisement for a Contest!

Tonight's post is about gardening, or garden seeds in particular.   If I mention and write something about it I may win their contest and be given 37 varieties of non-hybrid seeds valued at $54.99.  The price is a good price if I were to go to the store and buy each of these varieties at somewhere like Home Depot.  On the other hand, I buy a lot of my seeds from the dollar stores at 10-20 packages for a dollar.  (Those seeds do not last more than one or two seasons and don't have a super great germination rate, but for a nickle a package, I buy them anyway.)
If I win I will do something that most people wouldn't do.  I'd actually use them.  Even though the advertisement states they will last 20 years in a freezer or 15 years in a controlled environment, I will plant them in my garden next year.  As a survival garden I don't see this as a complete end all, I think there are some vegies that they provide too many seeds and others they don't provide enough.  If this is really a survival diet, more bean seeds would be needed.  Fifty of each variety isn't enough.  I also would like to see some additional seeds included such as corn, pickling cukes, and pumpkin. 
If I win these seeds I will let many of the plants go to seed.  Then I'll plant those seeds the next year.  That is where the test of the value of these seeds comes in.  Are they self sustaining? 
This contest is called ModernSurvivalOnline's Survival Seed's Giveaway and their site can be found at .  I read their site about once a month and at that time catch up on their blogs.  It's a pretty good site.