Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life Overload - No wonder I'm not feeling well today

Do you ever get to the point where you are so busy that you don't think you have time to breathe?  I'm almost at that point.  I'm trying really hard to back away from what's happening in everyone elses lives because my schedule is just too full to add any more.  There isn't any real "drama" in my life, but it seems to be going on all around me and trying to suck me in.  So far, I'm winning, I think...

Yesterday afternoon we moved the last ewe to the back.  Girl and her friend were in the front pasture and were somehow able to get the ewe out the gate.  She ran straight into the backyard, straight into the barn, and straight into the open pen and out into the back pasture.  It worked like a charm, except, big dog was helping and somehow she sprained her hip.  Big dog did this a month or so ago and it took over a week before she was able to put pressure on that leg and about two weeks before she tried running again.  Now she's done it again. 

Normally big dog stays outside all night and barks at the coyotes and keeps all the critters away from the sheep.  Not last night.  She laid on the floor next to my bed.  About once an hour she put her head on my bed.  If I didn't rub her head she'd smack the bed until I woke up enough to rub her head.  Needless to say, I didn't get a great nights sleep.  Feeling sorry for myself won't cut it because the poor dog is just miserable.  She finally went outside around 9:00 this morning.  She found a cool shady place to lay down and that's where she stayed.  She's back inside sleeping now.  I massage her hip and leg, which she likes.  She isn't whimpering when I touch anything so nothing is broken.  Anybody have any suggestions for making her feel better?  She weighs over 100 pounds so she's not easy to pick up.

With my sleep interrupted I woke up tired and just feeling worn out.  I decided that today would be a good day to work at home.  I really have a lot to do at the office but I didn't feel like going anywhere.  Tomorrow I have to go to the office and pack a bunch of stuff.  I've got a class that I'm teaching out of town next week, leaving on Sunday, but I'm out of town this week on Thursday, again on Friday and coming home Saturday, just to pack up and leave for the week.  Tomorrow will be office time, whether I want to or not. 

Well, I wrote the previous paragraphs about three hours ago.  The I went to pick the kids up from school.  Boy is playing football and Girl is running cross country.  I'm surprised they let her run considering she is excused from PE due to the cast on her arm.  Nevertheless, the school wants to win and she's one of the fastest kids in the county, so they overlooked her being excused from PE and let her participate in after school sports.  Anyway, I picked boy up and was told that if he didn't have his physical he can't play with the pads on which means he'll be watching most of practice rather than participating.  I don't have the paper for the doctor to sign so I'm not bringing him to the doctor if you don't give me the paper.  I got the paper.  I then called the doctor and he's got a physical at 10:15 tomorrow morning.  Girl has a doctor appointment at 4:00 to look at how the broken finger is coming along.  Somewhere in between I have to go to the office and pack the boxes and binders up.

I'm not worried about "not working" much today or tomorrow since I'm working (driving home for 4 or 5 hours) on Saturday and then heading out again on Sunday with a 6 hour drive.  Next week each day will be between 10-12 hours - and I don't earn overtime.  I think the taxpayers will be getting their money's worth this month.  Forgot, next Friday will be 16+ hours. 

Mr. Bug-out renter is coming back in two weeks to pick up his stuff.  He is bringing his daughter because her things fill an entire bedroom.  Mrs. Bug-out renter is having fits.  She says she is getting so sick she may need to be hospitalized.  Fine.  Call the ambulance.  I'm busy.  I probably won't be there when Mr. Bug-out renter is there.  It's not that I don't wish to visit.  I'm just busy.  I'll be getting home from being gone for a week when he shows up at the bug-out place.  I will probably opt to stay home. 

Son may be up there because they may move out of their apartment that same weekend.  Happiness and joy... Mr. Bug-out renter moving out, Son and family moving in, and Mrs. Bug-out renter not moving in to her new place for another month!  Yes, I think I will stay away from that situation!  See what I mean about drama all around.  Thank God I have a job and it will be taking me out of town!

Just feeling blah meant I didn't do much around here today.  I watered the front yard: the strawberries, raspberries, and fruit trees.  I planted asparagus seeds along the fence line. Instead of a 50 foot row of asparagus I'm hoping for several hundred feet of asparagus.  If I don't pick the stalks they make a nice looking fern type of hedge. 

I sent girl out to collect the eggs and feed the chickens the bits of scrap from the house.  Boy got sent out to the compost pile to dump the couple dozen egg shells that we've used this week. 

I was thinking about going to Costco today but with feeling blah I decided against it.  I need to pick up some fresh milk.  The kids are getting tired of powdered milk..."it's not even an emergency...can't we have "real" milk?"  I made a list for Costco.  A pack of toilet paper...we are down to our last 72 rolls.  A pack of Kleenex...we are down to our last 15 boxes.  Shredded cheese...can't keep this in stock...down to our last 10 pounds.  And most important, the new Kirkland version of Benefiber.  Maybe tomorrow?  I do need milk before leaving on Sunday but the rest?  That's just to keep stocked.  I was really amazed when I went through the home store.  I didn't "need" anything.  Nothing is lower than 9-12 months or so.  It was a good feeling.  Oh yeah, I need some sweet rolls.  Great grandmother is coming to watch the kids when I'm gone next week.  She likes sweet rolls for breakfast.  Can't convince her that eggs are better.  She complains about the cholesterol - so eat the whites.  Nope, she'd rather have sweet rolls - made with real butter, of course!

I learned that it wasn't that I didn't get the job I applied for in Utah.  They didn't fill the position at all. It was decided to wait until spring and fly the position again.  I may be able to make that trip out to Utah for the interview (and to hit up the food storage shops) in the spring after all.  Better save up the money because if I have to opportunity to go, I'll be shopping.   



  1. We can give our 60 lb dog up to 8 baby (88mg) aspirin a day. She normally only gets about 3.

    Don't give the 8 all at once if you try this. Spread it out over the day making sure it gets 2 right at bed time so that it can sleep better.

    Of course I'd try and give it to the dog with some food or treats.

    And back down the number after a couple of days if it seems like its doing better.

    1. I gave her some last night, this morning, and this evening. I think it's helping as she tried putting weight on it today. All she's doing is sleeping, which is the only way it's going to heal. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Watching "The Colony" recently brought me to your blog. Now following.

  3. I eat 2-3 eggs (whole eggs) for breakfast just about every day. Just got blood work back today from doctor. My cholesterol is 178, about where it has been for the past 3 years. It use to be as high as 260. I walk 2-3 miles on a treadmill and ride a bike anywhere from 4-7 miles about 5 days a week. Eat lots of vegetables and high fiber grains and eggs won't be a "bad" thing. Also lost 42 pounds in the past 6 months.

    1. Congratulations on the weight loss and keeping up on the exercise program. Isn't it amazing what exercise does to help the body?

  4. I am feeling what you felt when you wrote this article. Just overall tired, not getting enough sleep and not feeling good. I need to make a Costco run for TP also. Overall they still have the best price for TP around here.

  5. I need one of those Swingaways - can't risk the can opener not working. Thanks for the mention!