Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspired to work

I had a good day at work today.  I told the boss I was planning on holding his container of peanuts hostage since he missed a meeting with me.  He'd miss his peanuts and then we'd have to talk.  The only problem with that idea is the "hostile work environment" it could create since so many people are on edge.  But he has a good sense of humor and thought it was funny.  My boss said that as far as he knows my job is secure.  I'll find out on Friday morning when I check my email. But they will still do a second round of layoffs in December or January.  Still, I think I'm staying.

I told oldest daughter that I may have gone out with the severance package if I had a little more money on hand.  For example, if they bought their house that they are living in (that I own) rather than just renting it - something that they keep telling me they plan to do in two years - I'd have had enough money.  They only have to give me my down payment back.  No interest, not asking for more if the value of the house has gone up.  I just want back what I put in.  If they had bought the house then I'd be retiring in three weeks.  But they haven't.  Oldest daughter kind of laughed at that.  You aren't ready to retire, you like to work.  

She is so wrong!  I may like working but I'd rather be working at home.  Preparing this place for whatever may come.  That would be a full time job.  Spending more time with grand kids.  That, too, could be a full time job.  Commuting 100 miles round trip each day for work?  No, that's not my #1 goal of what I want to be doing with my life. 

I got home today and was inspired to do extra around the house until the grand kids got home.  Boy said he was going to make dinner (he bought some spicy frozen chicken wings with his own money) so I didn't have to stop what I was doing to get dinner started.  I made sure the chickens and chuckars had water.  Collected the eggs, that hadn't been collected since Sunday.  Watered the palm trees. Watered the raspberries.  Gathered up some leaves that fell outside of the sheep pen and fed them to the sheep.  Took down a load of laundry off the line.  Put a load of laundry up, started another load and got that one up too.  I cleaned out under the sink in the laundry room. 

It's amazing what gets stuffed into corners under a sink.  I still have a diaper trash container.  I can't remember which baby it was used for?  Maybe from Girl?  She's now 12.  I have a package of the plastic bags to go with it.  You put the diaper in, twist the top, and the bag knots just above the diaper.  This way you can keep a bunch of dirty, smelly, disgusting disposable diapers stored in your house!  You only have to take out the diapers a couple times per week.  No thanks!  I'll take them out each time, or at least after every dirty diaper, and at least once a day.  Why would people want to store dirty diapers in their house?  Unless they are stuck in the house?

If the SHTF, and we had a little one in the house we would use disposables rather than cloth.  At least if we knew about when they'd have a dirty diaper they'd go into the disposable for that.  I'd rather not have to spend valuable time washing diapers if at all possible.  But we do have a supply of cloth diapers around here and could put two kids into diapers full time if necessary.  We don't have too many disposables because all the grand kids are past that stage.  I remember at one point that we had hundreds of disposables.  I used most of them with the last grand kid.  We still do have a large box of each size, just in case. 

Also under the sink were a couple of bottles of bleach, a couple bottles of vinegar, and a container of Costco laundry soap.  Two bottles of baby shampoo were also under the sink.  Score!  The extra bleach and vinegar are going out into the garage.  So is the laundry soap.  The shampoo we will keep under the sink since the little ones all get their baths in that sink when they come for a visit.  The six year old is just starting to get too big.  It will be a sad day when nobody is small enough for that sink.

Dinner ended up pretty good.  We had the chicken wings, home grown potatoes, and the last of the garden fresh tomatoes.  We were all stuffed.  Boy was pleased. 

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  1. Yep, work at my pace, for me and work on the things I want to work on. That's what I'm looking forward to doing.