Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nevada for Thanksgiving

We went to Nevada for Thanksgiving since one of our relatives lives there.  While we were there I decided to tour through some of the model homes for the new houses in Las Vegas.  Just for fun, because there is no way I would ever move there…of course, the grandkids asked if maybe we would move there and my response was if the company paid me enough then we would.  But the company isn’t paying me enough so there is no way I would voluntarily move to a city that has way too many people, way too many tourists, and not enough water or farmable land to sustain even a hundredth of the population on any given day.  The car was filled with bug-out supplies and I know of many ways to get out of that city.  We were also less than one gas tank away from home (spare filled gas cans are stored at the relatives house). 
We went to Hoover Dam just for fun.  We drove up and they were conducting vehicle searches.  Yes, actually making families with little kids get out of the vehicle as they were looking through luggage.  So, about a dozen cars from the entrance I turned the vehicle around and drove up the hill and parked the car.  (Nevada doesn't accept either California or Arizona weapons permits.) Sister and family picked us up in their car as mine sat in a dirt lot.  We drove past the guard station and observed another vehicle being fully searched.  That vehicle was filled with what looked with a bunch of hoodlums, which was much more understandable than the vehicle that I earlier witnessed.  Going on the tour I got stopped while walking through the metal detector.  Oops.  Forgot about the knife in my pocket.  The guard asked if I wanted to surrender the knife, you know, give it to them and not get it back, or I could go put it back into the vehicle.  Our tour was going to start soon. I didn’t really have time to even walk back to sister’s car.  I looked at the knife and noted that it was a cheap one so it was a donation to the federal government for them to sell.  Yes, that is how they get all those knives that they sell on line! 
This did get me to thinking about how many places do not allow you to bring in your own protection.  I am thinking that my New Year’s resolution is to not go to any entertainment location that doesn’t allow you to bring in legal to carry items.  Gun, knife, doesn’t matter.  I will make an exception for air travel, and even then you can put it into checked luggage.  It’s interesting because I go to the theater in LA and they check bags.  I have asked what they are looking for and they say weapons and food, yet even time I’ve ever carried in a bag it’s held both.  What about our local college sports team?  Again, they check bags.  They are looking for food and alcohol.  They don’t do any metal detection.  I will still attend their events.  But I am done with places like Hoover Dam or any place like that.  Will I miss out on some things?  Yes, but it’s my own stand.

I’m not even getting into the open carry debate but just because someplace may put up a sign that says no weapons allowed doesn’t mean that they will enforce it.  For example, a local Starbucks asks for no weapons at their store.  They are requesting, not requiring.  Also, they aren’t making people go through metal detectors, so as far as I’m concerned, concealed means concealed.  It’s on me, it’s not their business. 
Where I work there is no security other than each of us and our little ID cards which when swiped will open the office door.  Here at the office there are no security guards, no bag checks, no metal detectors.  This company has a policy of being allowed to search your bags, backpacks, cars, etc.  Anything on company property is fair game. I carry at work.  Sure it can get me fired but that’s a choice I make. 
I conducted a google search on our new employee prior to her starting.  She is a CCW instructor.  I thought it would be fun to bring up the subject one day during her first week.  We were sitting in the lunch room and the news was on about some gun violence.  I changed the subject and said how I once brought a weapon into Disneyland.  I was laughing about how it was sandwiched between the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my backpack.  She asked if it was legal, did I have a CCW permit?  Of course I do.  She then made the statement that she is an instructor. 
She didn’t say much after that but as she and I were walking back to our holes, I mean cubicles, she asked about company policy.  She noted that company policy said no weapons without approval.  She said she was concerned about a stupid policy like that and was debating as to whether she should ask for approval.  I advised her that one should not ask because they will not give her approval.  If she did and they said no, it would bring attention to her.  They don’t even let our security folks carry, even at the big city offices.  Only the outside hired security people carry. Never mind that several years ago there was a workplace violence incident where several employees were shot to death. 
As we were walking down the hall she said “so nobody carries?” I told her that I didn’t say that.  I said they don’t give permission.  I’m assuming she got my point.  Next week she has to go to the offices in the big city.  Everyone was telling her about different details down there. Me, I had specific things I needed to point out since I assume she carries.  When you work in a town with a population of under 500 people you don’t think about certain things.  So people were talking about freeways, traffic, getting into the parking structures, places to stay and eat, etc.  Me, I had more important things to tell her about.  In my best most excited voice I said, ”It’s so different down there.  When you go to the big city company office buildings you can't hold a door open for other people.  You have to individually swipe your name card into the metal detector walkway.  Here at small town office building one person swipes their name card in the door opener slot and everyone just walks through as you stand there holding open the door.  Not there.  Everyone swipes their individual card as they walk through the metal detector! “  About ten minutes later I got a huge thanks.



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