Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dead chickens - dead bobcat

Getting ready to head out for over a week.  Boy and Girl are going to spend the time with their cousin in San Diego and I am going to head to Colorado. I'm looking forward to seeing first hand our new property.  However, it's not easy to go away for over a week when you have a bunch of animals.  The dog is going with Boy and Girl.  The cats, goats, sheep, and chickens are staying home. 

Boy did a good job today putting hay bales out for the goats and sheep.  Although there's grass and leaves to eat, if the weather is bad the animals will stay in the barn and go through at least two bales per week.  I'd rather put out extra bales for them in case we get delayed or they get extra hungry.  He also checked on the chickens and made sure their food bin was full.  All was good.

We got all our bags packed. The car is loaded and ready to head out in the morning.  All day I was telling the kids to eat whatever leftovers are in the refrigerator.  No making any new dishes.  Let's use up what's here.  After dinner I cleaned out the refrigerator of all the leftovers they didn't devour.  It all went into the chicken food bowl.  Boy, I need you to do one last chore for me.  Please bring this bowl out to the chickens. He asked if he could do it in the morning.  No. I know it's raining but go do it now.  He asked Girl if she wanted to go with him.  Of course not. 

Boy came running back into the house.  Bobcat in the chicken coop!  I went out and shot it.  Fortunately it only killed two chickens.  I'm not sure how the bobcat got into the coop.  I asked Boy if the coop was open or locked up when he went in.  He said it was locked up. Girl said that there was a hole in the fencing a while back but she fixed it.  I will try to figure it out in the light of day.  Hopefully it will be an easy fix since we are supposed to leave early. 

We told future spouse and FS wanted to know why I didn't have Boy shoot it.  Actually, the thought never crossed my mind.  That was a good suggestion, although I hope we don't have a repeat so that Boy gets the opportunity! 


  1. Sorry to hear of the loss, and so soon before leaving. Bobcats are wily. Hope it's an easy fix and you can be on the road quickly.

  2. It was super windy this past Sunday but the weather looks pretty good for the week. Windy as in I didn't even make an attempt to run because I am only willing to torture myself so much.
    Hope to get the opportunity to say hello when you are here.

  3. God bless you.
    not pieces.