Sunday, January 17, 2016

Underground Shooting Range

People make the comment all the time that gun regulations are only there for the law abiding citizens.  The criminals don't worry about the laws.  What's concerning are the gang members.  They are getting much more sophisticated in their training.  If you go to a local gym and look around you will see that gangs are there working out.  They know that you have to be physically fit to be able to outrun or just outlast your opponent.  Most "regular" people, including myself are not fit enough.  I use the excuse that I don't have enough time in the day.  That's true, but I can make more time.  Five or ten minute spurts can be done at anytime, even at work.  If the gangs are getting into better shape, we had better as well.

Gang members are also joining the military.  They are being taught fighting tactics as well as being given expert weapons training.  Gang members have been found on police forces and as prison guards.  Nothing like them building community!  While I live a half an hour outside a big city, the gang presence is pushing its way further into the countryside.

Just this week there was an interesting find here in the Great Central Valley, in a town about 45 minutes from here known for more gang members than not, an underground shooting range.  It made the news for about ten seconds. Someone dug a large hole (or a small tunnel) in their backyard, in the city.  The hole wasn't noticed by anyone. They covered the entrance with old mattresses to deaden the noise.  People thought that kids were playing with airsoft guns because the noise wasn't loud. There were no arrests for the shooting range.  No arrests for any felons in possession of guns.  Only one arrest for possession of drugs. This is the same little community where a man in his late 50s and his mother were out walking at 2 a.m. and he was shot and killed and she was injured.   Was the tip about the shooting range in retaliation for the shooting?  Who knows.  All I know is the gangs hold no value or respect for human life and they are spreading throughout the country.  Don't think they aren't!  Gang violence is a great indicator of what may become normal life for all, not just in those little pockets of larger cities. 


  1. Interesting info about the gun range. More and more I hear gunshots throughout the day. And it seems that it was only a matter of time until gangs joined the military, especially in an all volunteer military. I'll go one step farther. As the military morphs into the form it is now forcing out the good, the make-up of the branches will become filled with less desirable individuals, including gang members.

  2. The local range here is $25 a year but you have to take a safety course that they have once every couple of months. Of course you can just walk out the door and shoot if you so please.
    We had 3 people come down and stay at the bed and breakfast in town. One couple actually looked at some property, the other single lady is trying to make it work so she can buy property here as well. They seem fairly well organized and prepared and thought we had the perfect location with the tree's and water and view, etc. They were surprised that there is no vegetable stands, eggs, meat, etc. but that's an area they might try to break into if they move down here.
    We are still excited to have you move into the area. We checked out your place yesterday, the view was beautiful as always.