Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Forced Evacuation of 32,000 People

With Colorado burning, many people in the city of Colorado Springs and nearby communities have been forced to evacuate their homes.  Over 32,000 people at last count. Even those who are prepared to bug-out may find that their bug-out place up in the hills has gone up in smoke.  I know Max in Colorado Springs is prepared to leave at any time.  He has things packed, including his bug-out bag.  It will be interesting to hear what changes he makes at the last minute on what comes with him.  If you do leave your house some last minute things to do include watering your lawn really well - and roof if you have a wood roof, moving everything off your patio and away from your house (25-50 feet of nothing!), closing the curtains, and moving furniture away from windows and into the middle of the room.
If you want to take a look at the list of federal fires go to this site. Click on whichever fire you want to review.  Many states have the same type of information for the state fire departments. 

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  1. My water bill is going to triple after last night and this morning. Glad we didn't have to evac but I'm tired, smell like a campfire and have all the employees working inside unless absolutely necessary.
    Thanks for the link over.

    I'm curious what the grocery store will be like when I go tonight, but I'm going to bet it's only going to be low on bottled water. The ones up north are getting a little bare a coworker told me.