Monday, June 11, 2012

Quadrupling the space in a little trailer

The company left last night after dinner.  They traveled in their van and pulled a small 4 1/2 x 7' trailer.  They were able to tote along their sleeping bags and ice chests without loading down their van.  It worked out great.  Even better was my idea of adding height to the sides by taking my panels that I use for my little trailer and putting them in their trailer.  Their trailer originally had sides that were about a foot high.  This worked out just fine for holding everything they brought with them.  It was all covered by a tarp just in case they hit a thunderstorm on the way out to California. 

By adding my panels, the sides of the trailer went from one foot to four feet high.  That's an awful lot of stuff they could carry.  Why did I suggest this?  Three years ago when they moved to Oklahoma they left a bunch of stuff here in my barns and side yard.  My friend said I could have or use anything I wanted and at some point they would pick it all up and bring it back to Oklahoma.  Well, they've been out to visit a couple of times but always in the truck so they've never had any extra space to bring their extra stuff home.  By adding height to the trailer I was able to get rid of this junk.

Not all of it was junk.  They did have a 1/2 mile roll of wire, which I use for wiring up my panels.  I didn't have to return that.  There was also a roll of doubled wire which I used to string up the grapes.  There was still over 1/4 mile of that wire left.  She took the rest of that roll home.  She also took home the full roll of barbed wire.  That would have been good to keep as a just in case but she wanted it and it was just stored here and never used.  I had to return that.  

There were six over the fence animal feeders.  I have been using the two best for the last three years.  The junky ones were stored on the side of the barn.  She took home the junk ones and left the best here.  They can rebuild those.  She also had 2-55 gallon barrel feeders.  One I used in the barn stall and the other in the front pasture.  She took one and one is still here in the front pasture. 

The stock tank that the ducks were in, the metal 2x6 tank...hers.  I said I'd run up to the feed store to get a 2x4 for the ducks and then she could have her 2x6 tank back.  Instead she bought us a new 2x4 tank.  She said it cost less than if they had to spend even one night in a hotel.  Very true.  There was a little dump trailer that was left here.  She was able to get that into her trailer.  And lastly, she had an old wood stove that was half way sunk in the mud of our center barn.  That went as well. 

I was extremely impressed that we were able to fit all of that into their little trailer and also fit in their sleeping bags, duffel bags, and ice chests.  Those panels are great!  Now I'm sure when I get ready to move the sheep from the front pasture back into the back pasture I'm going to be looking around for my panels that I cut to size to fit my trailer.  I'm probably going to lose my temper when I can't find them.  Hopefully one of the kids will remind me that those panels are in Oklahoma along with all the stuff my friend was storing here. 

Now there's more room for my things.

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