Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preparedness Happenings This Weekend

This Friday-Sunday is the local home and garden show. I'll be going on Friday to see if they have anything that I can use for prepping.  I assume they will have solar dealers, greenhouses, new garden tools, and who know what.  I haven't gone to a home and garden show in many years.  From what I remember last time I went there were hundreds of dealers trying to sell you a bunch of things you don't need for a very high price.  I do remember that I wanted to put in the iron gate and fence.  I guess I wasn't dressed well enough or didn't use the right terminology because I remember getting laughed at when I inquired about one at several gate and fencing exhibits.  I remember one dealer telling me that it would cost too much for me.  Really?  Did he have any idea what my budget was?  He never asked.  I also had asked for some estimates with other things, that I can't remember anymore.  Nobody ever responded.  So I'll get ideas and maybe nothing else. 

That will work for me because on Saturday I'm going to head up to Prather to go to GI Jim's First Annual Preparedness Symposium.  It looks good enough to stay all day.  Maybe I will.  Here's the flyer:
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1Fa81d9QT50/USTWZ7o-KZI/AAAAAAAAAEA/mpvFw-aiywE/s1600/Preparedness+Flyer.png  The weather will be nice although Jim said that it would go on rain or shine.  I'm glad it will be shine and 70!

With these two items on my schedule it looks like Sunday will be the day to get things done around here.  I'm still going through things in the garage and trying to get rid of stuff that I know won't be needed in the future.  Having a 1250 square foot garage plus a barn that is bigger than that means lots of stuff gets dumped off here by my grown kids and also kept by me.  My cousins in New York hired someone to empty out their house.  They said it was overflowing and this person came in and charged lots of money and went through their things and emptied out much of the house.  The problem with that would be what I consider preps most other people would consider too much extra and get rid of it! 

Instead I'm getting rid of more kids clothes and baby items, toys (especially all those horrid electronic noise making baby toys), and a bunch of stuff that I won't use anymore.  How many jello molds does one need?  I know how many canning jars I need (as many as I can get my hands on!).  Of course I need 6 shovels and 3 hoes! Doesn't everyone?  Do we need the broken swing that may someday get repaired?  No.  If I'm not going to repair it I'm going to get rid of it.   My favorite thing that I'm getting rid of this weekend?  The broken vaccuum cleaner.  I have no carpet in my house.  One rug.  I have a great shop vac.  Why do I need a vaccum cleaner that hardly worked when it did work?  It's already in the back of the pickup!  With the good weather I'm actually looking forward to cleaning out the garage!

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  1. We were talking about going to the Home and garden show also. G.I.Jim's sounds better, but Saturday is filled with sports this time of year. Someday that won't be true, though. Maybe next time.

    Your experience at the Home show was similar to my a few years ago at the Farm show in Tulare. The only thing that seemed to give me credibility was my brother-in-law that is actually a farmer and talking to clients.

    Enjoy the shows and I hope to hear a report.