Friday, February 1, 2013

CCW Renewal

Today I spent four hours at the range to get my CCW permit renewed.  This instructor offers classes several times per week.  Some of the classes are for beginners and others are for very advanced shooters.  I'm definitely on the beginners end.  While I like to shoot, I've never had formal training...until today. 

I sent the instructor an email asking if he had any class space open either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  He arranged for this morning.  I met him at the range at 8:30.  We were both early as class didn't start until 9:00.  He said we may as well start since I was the only student.  Outside of his formal classes he signs people up as requested and if he can book more than one student at a time he does.  But today it was just me. 

I got 3 1/2 hours of shooting instruction and feedback.  I was standing a little too far back, then a little too far forward.  Then I wasn't gripping well. Then he had me see just how slow I could pull the trigger.  Feel it.  By the end I was getting every shot in the X or the 9s.  You can qualify on up to four weapons.  I qualified on two.  I went through a lot of ammo.  It was well worth it. 

I still had to go through the lecture part and take the exam.  After thinking about what Steve from Exeter said about his class not having enough regulations and the main emphasis on shooting I took this opportunity to ask a bunch of questions.  I'm glad I did.  For example, it's OK to go into the State Fish and Wildlife office with a concealed weapon on you but it's illegal to go into the Forest Service building with a weapon.  Private building OK, State OK, Federal not OK.  You can't be on any school grounds, whether private or public with the weapon on you.  It can be locked in the car.  It can be loaded and placed anywhere in your car as long as it's not visible to the public.  Put it in the glove box if you want.  It's illegal to keep one there if you don't have a permit but if you do, that's fine.  Put in on the front passenger seat and cover it with a jacket.  Again, fine with the permit, illegal without it.  What about Starbucks?  Any private place can tell you that no weapons are allowed.  That doesn't mean  you have to comply.  If you don't have to walk through a metal detector they won't know.   

If your workplace says you can't carry weapons, it's not against the law if you do.  You could get fired if they find out about it but it's supposed to be concealed.  If you don't have to walk through a metal detector when you come in the door you won't get caught. They won't find out unless you open your mouth or you pull it out of its holster.  Not too long before I got my new job they had a workplace shooting which killed several people.  It was in another part of the state but still the same company.  We went through new employee training and part of the safety training taught about what to do if there is an active shooter.  Thinking to myself, but not saying it out loud, "if I had to, I'd shoot".  Sure I may lose my job for carrying a weapon at work but I'd be alive.


  1. Thank you. I learned more about what to do and not to do from your post than my class. Not that I didn't learn form the class. I know I have to research more, but I wished more was taught in the class.

    It sounds like you got your monies worth from the class. I will be taking more classes even though the law doesn't require it. We shouldn't take throwing lead lightly.

  2. In my state (NC) it is illegal to carry in an establishment if that establishment (foolishly) has a no carry sticker on the door. My former employer had such a sticker, and I had to park in an awful city garage with such a sign. So, I couldn't carry to work. That was the same parking garage from which a coworker was abducted and murdered a few days before I began the job. For obvious reasons, I never did feel safe in that city and am glad to be no longer employed there.

    I wish my CCW class had been so enjoyable! It was pretty dry and didn't get much instruction on the range, just had to prove I could shoot and be on my way.