Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy start of the week

My day started off well.  I had a meeting at 10 between here and the office which meant I didn't have to leave for work at 5:30.  I didn't leave until 9:30.  I didn't accomplish much this morning other than scrubbed the kitchen a bit more than normal.  Big dog was sleeping on her pillow on the back patio and didn't want to come in the house.  Usually I can convince her to come in for a while but she knows that if she's in the house when the last person leaves she will probably have to stay in the house until the next person arrives home.  So this morning she didn't come in.  It wasn't unusual but now I'm thinking that perhaps she had a different reason than just not wanting to get locked in the house. 

I got home this evening at my normal 7:00.  Both big dog and yip-yip always come running into the garage when I drive in.  We have a race to see who will make it into the garage first once the door starts opening.  They always do because I don't want to run them over when I'm driving in.  But this evening only yip-yip made it in before me.  Big dog was hobbling in.  This isn't good.  She had surgery a couple months ago when she tore a ligament.  I wonder if she did the same thing to the other leg?  She's in the house sound asleep now.  We will see if she just twisted something or if she really hurt herself when she wakes up later. 

Tomorrow I have to get off work early for an appointment with the kids.  If big dog isn't better then I'll have to take off on Wednesday to get her to the vet.  I wonder dealing with the dog counts as sick leave? 

Boy is upset.  He tried out for a school team and told me that they were going to tell him tomorrow if he made the team.  I asked if they have practice during school or after.  He didn't know.  I told him if practice is after school then he can't participate since there's no room on the late bus to get him home.  Sorry.  He said he'd try to get one of the parents to bring him home.  Sorry again.  I can't rely on someone else to bring you home.  What if their kid doesn't stay after on any given day and you've just missed the bus?  This is the second casualty of my new job. 

The first was missing the science fair last week since it went from 5:30-6:30.  Girl didn't mind.  She came home with her grade today.  She got a D on her project.  What's worse is I'm a scientist.  This is a perfect example of grandparent actually letting the kid do their own project rather than doing it for them.  I tried to coach her but obviously I let her do it her way.  Unfortunately, she wasn't blessed with scientific brains.  She did work hard on it and earned her D. 

I ordered some pest control items. I wrote about this subject about six months ago.  I finally decided that I should have some of this stuff on hand rather than expect Clark Pest Control to always be available.  I wonder if there is a shelf life for this stuff?  If not, then I may add this to my list of items to purchase a couple times per year.  Right now, it's still worth it to me to have Clark do the spraying because I don't have lots of spare time.  But at some point in time I will have the time and will do it myself. 

On my next day off I have to go back to the range to qualify for the renewal of my concealed weapons permit.  I can't believe it's been almost two years since I've had the permit.  This time I'm not only going to get my local permit but also get one from either Utah or Arizona.  My instructor is qualified to offer both.  California doesn't honor other state's permits and most states don't honor California's.  But many states do honor those from either Utah or Arizona.  If I get the additional permit then when I travel I can still carry legally. 


  1. My wife is a Earth Science/ Biology Teacher.........My kids had a built in tutor......Did they use her? NO!!

    They did what they had to to just get by and regret it now.

    The school of hard knocks is showing them their Dad's work ethic now.

    G.I. JIM

  2. I don't like science or math, I can relate to getting a D and having really earned it. Don't know if that's something most people would be proud of, but I sure was!

  3. Busy indeed! Sorry to hear about your dog. When our animals get injured, it effects us all.

    Do you know of a comprehensive and concise place to find CCW laws in California and nearby states?

  4. is the page with the reciprocity guide. I don't know where to find the actual laws. My ccw license states the following, "TO ANY PEACE OFFICER Carrying of weapon is not authoirzed in any Courthouses, school grounds, commercial airport facility, or when holder is under the influence of alcohol or medication/drugs. The holder is responsible for exercising good judgement and sound decision making in the care, transport, holstering, and/or use of the permitted weapons. If the holder violates any of the above circumstances or is arrested for criminal misconduct, this license is to be seized and returned to the Fresno Co. Sheriff's Dept."

  5. The class I took was heavy on shooting and light on laws. I'd like a well rounded education of both. Thanks