Saturday, January 12, 2013

Getting rid of your cold and stuffy nose

GI Jim just posted about herbs on his site  This ties in well with what I was going to post today.  While we all try to stock up on medicines from the store and pharmacy, using herbal medicines is often an easier way to go.  If you try to use these items now, prior to supply problems it won't be something new and different you'll have to learn during times of stress.  There are lots of books you can read, or information you can pull off the Internet about herbs, spices and natural remedies. 

I don't catch a cold too often because I try really hard to keep my hands away from my face, which is one of the main ways germs are spread.  But sometimes I don't succeed.  This week when I was down in LA I ended up catching a cold.  I sat in class with my nose running and me sneezing.  While one person offered me a Sudafed, another offered me a cup of tea.  (Yes, I took both!)  What if the Sudafed wasn't around?  What if you didn't do anything smart like stock up on medications or on herbs?

There are plenty of medicines you can create by using what's around you.  For example, I don't have a pine tree in my yard but a neighbor does.  Or the local park will.  No matter where you live in this country you are probably not more than a few hundred feet from a pine tree.  They have green needles all year long.  Pick a handful of the needles, cut them into about 1 inch or smaller slices, and put a handful into a cup of just boiled water.  Seep the needles until the water is cooled down enough to drink it.  You've just made an excellent cold remedy that cost you nothing and works great.  If you want to add a little honey or sugar go ahead.  Another recipe for colds is honey and cinnamon on a spoon a couple times a day. 

What if you have a stuffy nose?  In California we have eucalyptus trees everywhere.  You don't eat the leaf but you can boil them up and breathe the vapors, or just breathe the vapors from the crushed up leaves if you don't want to boil them up.  What do you think Vick's Vapo-Rub is?  It's just petroleum jelly and eucalyptus oil.  I will take some of our horseradish root and grind it up, add a little vinegar and beet juice, and eat it.  Or, just smell it!  Either way, you will be unstuffed quite quickly.  My most favorite and best remedy?  Chicken noodle soup! 

Yesterday Boy had a doctor appointment.  This was a regular doctor who hands out prescriptions all day...  The doctor wanted to shake my hand hello but I declined saying I was just getting over a cold so I'm sure he would prefer not to shake my hand.  Not only did he say it wouldn't be a big deal because he keeps his hands away from his face but he told me another way to help get rid of the cold. 

Take your two hands and put them together like you are shaking hands.  If you keep your wrists straight one of your pointer fingers should be resting just past the bone at your wrist if you go in a straight line from your thumb down.  Note that spot.  Take your two hands and put them together again only this time have your other pointer finger touching that spot on your other arm.  Now that you know the two spots use your thumb (one at a time) and rub that spot.  As you are rubbing try to get in between the bone and ligaments to get a deep down massage.  Do this for one or two minutes.  Then switch and massage the other arm in the same spot. 

I found it refreshing that a medical doctor was suggesting Chinese acupressure.  No wonder I like that doctor! 

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