Sunday, January 13, 2013

Will we survive another four years?

The president will be in office for four more years.  Here in California the Dem's have a super majority.  They can do whatever they choose because they can't be stopped.  New laws and new ways to take my money...I'm not in a good mood.  Now I can't keep myself depressed for the next four years, that won't be wise, but I'm trying to plan things a little differently.  Both yesterday and today I was asked by former coworkers if I really missed my state job.  I, as politely as possible, said that I don't miss anything about it at all.  It's really strange, I've only been away from that job for less than a month and yet it seems like forever.  It's just a distant memory.  While I actually was a state worker who cared about how the taxpayers money was spent, I'm still happy to say I am no longer a state employee. 

If things go south now, I am prepared, sort of.  Bug-out place may be getting a good face lift but it doesn't have the garden or out buildings that I want.  It's a slow process there because Son really does a lousy job doing anything that can't be completed in 10 minute spurts.  If it takes longer than that he isn't interested because it would cut into his TV or computer game time.  I'd like to get some fruit trees planted this spring up there.  I'll have to put in the entire watering system because I am not certain they would keep them alive if they were responsible for watering.  Daughter-in-law probably would, Son, I doubt it.  It's too bad because I do have the money to upgrade the yard and some of the buildings.  I just don't have lots of time to do any of it.  And although Son says he wants to live there forever he isn't willing to put out much effort. 

That brings me to the main property.  If TSHTF and we didn't have to leave this house we'd be just fine.  The yard is set up the way I want.  The house is set up fine.  We have lots of food in storage and the ability to pretty much provide for ourselves as long as we aren't over run by others.  Today I pruned a few more of the fruit trees.  Only 7 more to go.  I just wasn't in the mood to do more this weekend and next weekend we are out of town so perhaps the weekend after that I will finish.  Normally I just have the grand kids pile the trimmings along the front fence.  Fruit wood is such good wood to burn I have decided that we are going to take the larger diameter pieces of wood and cut them to length for the wood pile.  The largest pieces are only about 3 inches in diameter but that's good enough to get a really hot fire going. 

The new neighbor is turning out to be a good neighbor.  He's putting in a large chicken yard and plans on housing a couple hundred chickens.  He already has a clientele (that he delivers dressed chickens to, they don't show up at his place).  He doesn't care that his other next door neighbor hates chickens, children, noise, or really anything and everything.  We are going to get along just fine.

We got all the chickens into the coop.  Something was killing the ones in the front pasture.  The ducks didn't fare as well.  While I told Boy and Girl to catch the chickens and ducks and stick them all into the coop, when I got home three days later I checked on the critters.  Lots of new chickens were in the coop.  They seemed to be getting along well enough.  Where are the ducks?  I went out front and saw three piles of feathers in the front pasture.  I took a look around.  One dead duck.  One duck foot.  No live ducks.  Kids! Where are the ducks?  Boy said that he couldn't catch them and girl wouldn't help.  Neither did oldest grandson.  Boy!  Did you tell them that you couldn't do it and that I said they would die if they weren't caught?  Did you insist?  No.  He couldn't do it.  They didn't help, so he went out to play football.  The ducks are all dead.  Boy is giving his football away to the school.  Girl and Boy looked through the Murray McMurray catalogue to pick out new ducks and give me the money for them.  They gave me $22.  I told them I didn't want any more ducks.  Go put that money into the donation jar. 

Wish I didn't have to work and could be here full time.  Being a single grandparent of a fifth and sixth grader is not easy anyway.  Having to work the long hours doesn't make it any easier.  At least my work travel is over for a while.  I do have to go back to LA for a few days but I probably won't do that until the next month or two.  End of March would be the best since they are on spring break.  It would be a perfect time to travel.  I'll just bring them with me and drop them off down in San Diego.  Hopefully I can hold off until then.  

Since I leave before the sun comes up and don't get home until after the sun sets for the next four days, I got everything in the yard all squared away.  Even if the grand kids don't step one foot out into the animal area the chickens and sheep are set for the week.  Their water and feeders are filled.  We had twin lambs born last week when I was gone.  Maybe we'll get a few more this week.   

Right now, what's going on in my brain is looking at this place with a four or five year plan.  Never mind that I'll be pushing 60 at that time, I want to set this main property up so that I don't ever have to leave it.  Ever!  In the next four or five years can I plant enough of a garden, keep a sustainable amount of livestock, produce enough electricity, keep enough clothing or yard goods on hand, put in an additional propane tank to only have to fill it up every few years, have a full supply of hardware, everything...not really even need the use of my truck (although I won't get rid of it).  That's my new goal.  All I have to do is survive the next four.

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