Friday, January 4, 2013

Things Are Getting Paid Off

I just finished my third week on the new job.  I didn't leave the old job until Wednesday of this week.  That means for over two weeks I worked 80 hour weeks.  I didn't have much time to think but every time I thought about it being a little overwhelming I just reminded myself that I'm getting two paychecks for those two weeks.  But now the first job is done.  I no longer work for the state.  When the next disaster hits the state I wonder if I'll wish I was there in the thick of things.  Only time will tell.

The state had to pay me for my unused vacation time and holidays.  It left me with a little chunk of money.  Enough, in fact, to pay off the bug-out place.  It's all mine!  Of course, son and daughter-in-law and cute little grand kids are living in the house, but now, it's about time I start working on the cabin.  I'm going to wait to do the majority of the work come spring or summer but for now, I can start dreaming and planning and saving up some money. 

The cabin has two rooms, two exterior doors, five windows and electricity.  There is water at the faucet right outside the door.  The cabin is also raised off the ground a foot or two so the interior can be plumbed.  I never even took exact measurements of the place; it's probably around 15 x 30.  I will next time I go out there so I can draw it out and then cut out cabinets, furniture, etc. on some construction paper to try to figure out how it will be set up. 

Today was a red letter day for oldest daughter.  Four years ago she and her husband picked out a very good, somewhat expensive used van.  They had no money and less credit.  We made a deal.  I'd buy the van, put hers and my name on the title, but the loan was only in my name.  Most everyone said I was taking a risk.  And it would be true if it was son and daughter-in-law who never pay anything that they owe.  But I had faith in oldest daughter and son-in-law.  True to their word, every single month they paid the loan, the insurance, and got the thing smogged and titled on time.  December was their last payment.  The title came in the mail today so daughter and I headed out to AAA (faster than the DMV) to give her clear title.  Get me off! 

She never had auto insurance before.  Years ago she drove without insurance.  When the state required it they ended up not registering their vehicles just so they wouldn't have to pay anything.  I put an end to that since they were driving a vehicle that I was liable for.  Because she had no clue about insurance I called up USAA and got everything squared away, not only for the van but also renters insurance on the house.  It's my house they live in but I kept telling her that if the place burns down the insurance will pay for the house but not cover any of their stuff.  After the guy at USAA and I talked we got oldest daughter on the phone and sealed the deal.  She now owns her own van, free and clear, and has insurance in her name for the house and van. 

The only thing I owe any money on is the main house.  No credit card balances, no car loans, nothing. This is a good way to start the new year. 

Tomorrow we are going to finish up the fencing in the back yard, or at least finish up with the materials I have on hand.  Girl is good at pounding in t-posts.  She gets them in straight and with little effort.  I didn't get to it the other day.  I decided to do nothing outdoors, although I did have big plans on accomplishing so much that day.  Instead, I cleaned the inside of the house.  Sort of a spring cleaning of the cabinets during the middle of winter.  But the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow and then rain on Sunday, so tomorrow is the day for the yard. 

Getting back to storing food, Winco has powdered hummus in their bulk foods for a not too expensive price.  I know you can cook the garbanzo beans and then add garlic and other spices to make hummus but this is easy and can be stored in a smaller space.  You add equal amounts of powdered hummus and water.  Let it sit a few minutes.  Add a little olive oil (about a tablespoon for every cup of mixed hummus) to give it a smoother consistency and taste.  They also have powdered falaffel mix, which is also made of garbanzo beans.  This is not ground as fine and also has different seasonings added.  With the falaffel mix you just add water, let sit for a few minutes, then fry in a little oil.  That's delicious when eaten on homemade flatbread.  I've bought several pounds of each.  I put them in the freezer to kill any moths or other bugs.  Then I pack them into small Mylar bags, suck the air out and seal, and I put some into pint canning jars and keep that on hand for use now. 


  1. Congrats on paying off the bugout place, that's really awesome!

  2. Nice to hear things are getting paid off. That should be nice. We hope to have more paid off each month, but it's going slowly.