Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let's just give permission for everyone to track us

At what price do we give away our privacy?  Do we care how much convenience costs?  I don't think we do. 

There is no outcry that the doctor's offices are supposed to go to paperless records and all records are in one great big national database.  If the doctors don't do this then they don't get any reimbursements for Medicare patients, or in the case of California - MediCal or Medicare. So in order to get their money they have turned over all our records.  Again there is no outcry for the loss of privacy so let's now take it a step further. 

What about EZ Pass or FasTrak?  Look at all the benefits you get from these programs.  You don't have to get into the toll booth line to pay.  Instead your vehicle is read electronically.  That's OK you say because all toll booths nowadays have cameras and you are ID'd anyway.  So what's the harm?  Right?  WRONG! 
New York uses the EZ Pass throughout the city to help with real time tracking of vehicles to detect traffic patterns.  Fine if it just gives a click like the ropes across the road use counters.  No, this process tells them where your personal vehicle is.  The government's own personal GPS system that you pay for. 
The Pass is also used for court cases, whether it's criminal or civil.  Just think.  You can be a prime suspect in a _____ because your vehicle was tracked leaving the scene of a crime. 
Best of all, you can use the Pass like an ATM card at some McDonald's.  Yes you can.  What a convenience.  McDonald's can now read your traffic pattern.

California is thinking about having electronic license plates.  They will be a source of income to the state.  They will track if the vehicle registration is due, but also make it easier for authorities to know if there is a problem just by being near a vehicle.  Anything can be put into these plates.  They are even talking about selling commercial space.  Yes, you can be at a signal and with the car stopped and you will be flashed an advertisement from the car in front of you.  McDonald's anyone?  Your license plate can be showing an advertisement for some nearby business.  Or the state can program in if you are on parole, if you are a gang member, etc. on the part that isn't publicly visible.  Who knows, maybe when the car is stopped it can flash child molester here.  Sounds good!? as that will keep us safe.  And people will flock to these new electronic plates because they will be cool.

I've now figured out a great marketing plan for here in California!  If McDonald's detects by your Pass that you are a McDonald's user twice a week in the afternoon, they can start flashing commercials on the license plate in front of you at a signal every afternoon.  Brilliant marketing ploy.  And you know something?  We will accept it.  After all, it's free marketing in a free society isn't it?


  1. Makes me crazy with how unfazed most people are.

    Like how to catch wild pigs...slowly, one fence at a time with grain. After a few weeks of conditioning they will allow you to completely cage them in and LIKE IT.

    Seems like America has become caged-slowly but surely.

  2. Crazy. I've never even heard of electronic plates.