Monday, September 30, 2013

Truckers Strike and Untrustworthiness of Americans

Truckers are promising a strike in a week and a half.  They are supposedly not going to deliver goods Oct. 11-13.  Good, they will be taking a four day weekend because the 14th in some circles is a holiday.  I don’t know if they plan on doing this nationwide or just in Washington.  I’ve heard that the trucks are going to block the roads in DC.  Little good that will do, especially if the government is shut down (don’t I wish!). 

Anyway, I wish them luck.  The strike had good intentions but it won’t do any good.  What are they striking for?  They are all over the board.  To make Congress listen to the people.  To remove President Obama from office for crimes of treason.  A real Congressional hearing on Benghazi.  Removing all non-Constitution following Muslims from government positions.  Remove Eric Holder from office. Protest fuel prices. 

Now I’m all for having Congress listen to the people.  We the people have to vote in people who will listen.  It’s really that simple.  Unfortunately, the wrong people get voted in because more people are supported by the government than not.  How about removing the president from office?  We could have voted him out.  No, didn’t happen.  A real Congressional hearing.   No, most American’s don’t care.  Why?  That is old news.  I vote for removing ALL non-Constitution following people from government positions.  Doesn’t matter if they are Muslim, Christian, Jew, or any other religion.  The president likes his buddy Eric so he’s staying.  Protest fuel prices? But I heard they are going down a few cents so we should all be happy!  (You are catching a little sarcasm here I hope.)

So what if the strike happens?  Since most or at least many grocery stores will run out of inventory after three days, especially if they think that a strike will cause shortages, I’m sure there will be shortages.  If so, how are you going to survive the holiday weekend if you haven’t stocked up on beer, hotdogs, and chips?  If it’s other supplies, will the stores running out of TVs or leather goods really make people think?  Will it break the economy?  Not at all.  It will make the news which will take away from the real story of how our government is destroying this country. 

Today on the radio the question was asked if we trust Americans.  An article came out that discussed the trust of the people and also the politicians.  But the question was posed a little different today.  Do you trust the people?  Should Americans be trusted?  The answers were pretty much yes, they trusted the people and “their” politicians but not the other people with opposing views.  It digressed a bit.  If you were from a strict country (meaning a Muslim country) and you watched American television would you trust Americans? Then the answer was overwhelming.  NO!  On the other hand, every single Mexican TV program that is on in this great central valley shows the women with skirts to short and tight and tops that are three sizes too small.  Exploitation, yes, but it doesn’t bring about the same amount of hatred as do our programs. 

I don’t watch much TV.  I still don’t trust the majority of Americans.  Why?  It’s not about what is right or wrong.  It’s about beating the other side, which is also us.  Another poll again questioned Americans.  Do you dislike Obamacare?  46% said they opposed it.  The next questions was do you dislike The Affordable Healthcare Act? Only 37% said they didn’t like that!  Nine percent more didn’t like one over the other.  Never mind that they are exactly the same thing.  People are picking sides because it’s a side, not because it’s a crappy Act.  That is why I don't trust most Americans!  You know, I have built more trust with some people who read this blog and I read theirs than with the public in general.

As soon as the Senate passes a budget that the President signs (Do you know there hasn't been a budget in 5 years? They just keep extending what is there plus adding to it.), then we can talk about the government providing healthcare reform.  I wonder if the Congress will pose that question?  In the meantime, winter is coming; there is unrest in the air.  I think I will stock up even more and prepare even more.  How about you? 


  1. Any thoughts of a trucker's strike will be drowned out by the shutdown news., until it happens. I think you're right that it is for too many nebulous reasons, but it will still effect those unprepared.

  2. I wish the truckers would start to boycott DC now and keep it up until there is a signed balanced budget. SO many good prospects from such an action....