Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Leaving the State

All my family knows, so now I will post it on my blog.  Why are we moving to Colorado when I was planning on staying here in the Great Central Valley forever?  I could say that it's the politics, or the weather, or the lack of water, or the taxes, or lots of things, but those are not the reasons.  I am getting married. I have been divorced for 10 years and next year, summer of 2016, that status will change.

The person I am marrying lives in Colorado, and while future spouse (FS) has lived in California, FS doesn't want to return to California.  I agreed to Colorado but only if I can have farm animals.   FS, who hails from the city, agreed.  We now own 35 acres outside a very small town.  I have no idea what I am getting in to as I've never really experienced the cold.  OK, I have been to Antarctica, but even then it was during summer so the temperature during the day most days was in the balmy 40s. 

Both Boy and Girl are excited, which is good.  In fact, Boy thinks it was his idea.  They like the idea of the country schools on a four day per week schedule.  School starts at 8 and ends at 4, Monday through Thursday.  No more 1/2 days every other Wednesday like they have now.  FS skis so both Boy and Girl are looking forward to that, plus learning how to hunt, as well as getting better at fishing.  Yes, I am going to marry someone who likes useful outdoor activities, winter and summer. 

It's funny because FS does not want to admit being a prepper or more hard core survivalist, but FS is. Where FS has lacked is on food storage.  FS always figured that shopping once a month will always be available and if things got bad, one can just hunt and fish.  I've pushed the gardening, chickens, goats, and food storage for years during our phone conversations.  This past spring FS called to ask how to can peaches.  I had to explain canning jars, boiling water bath, and other things - over the phone.  But they came out fine...at least FS hasn't killed anyone from botulism.


  1. well good....we can hardly wait for tales of the move, and ya'll getting settled in.

  2. Exciting! I can see a hoop house in your future to grow your vegetables. Hopefully fewer water problems than here. Keep us posted as there are many others considering what you are doing.

  3. Hot Damn!! Married!!! Wow!! What an exciting adventure...I love Colorado. Please don't quit blogging...and enjoy you new life!

  4. Dear anonymous person whose comment I am not publishing,
    I am not getting married because gays can marry. I am not gay, I do not agree with the court decision although I do understand their thought process, and I am certainly not an *****! Thanks for reading my blog and have a good week.

  5. Wonderful! congratulations! You really deserve some happiness. And willing to help you raise the grandkids...you found a gem. And you are probably saving him from starving, lol.
    I have a dear friend who is in the process of moving from the "OC" to the Ft Collins area. Wish I could go, too!

  6. I'm excited to read you have some great plans for the near future. I wonder if we will be neighbors or at least close enough for a hello in person from time to time..... Hop skip and a jump is good enough.
    Plus I'm sometimes handy with a hammer although I can't guarantee anything would be square.... I'm excited!

    1. Max, if you remember many months ago you sent an email with three properties listed: yours, a house nearby, and the third example is now mine!