Wednesday, November 11, 2015

UC Merced - It was a terrorist attack after all

My hunch was right.  Last weeks terrorist attack at UC Merced was just that, a terrorist attack.  I was not surprised by the comments that came from the students though.  The students were saying that they need to be more inclusive and make sure everyone is friendly to everyone else.  They shouldn't have kicked him out of their study group. After all, if everyone was more friendly then the student who stabbed four people certainly wouldn't have done what he did.  Right?  Wrong! 

The sheriff is still trying to state that it wasn't a terrorist attack.  Why, because his parents and family are not radical so he couldn't possibly be?  His family has apologized.  They didn't know he was taken in by radical Islam.  Unfortunately that doesn't mean it wasn't a terrorist attack.  Let's go over a couple of facts, not the twist it so people don't worry.  Faisal Mohammed carried an ISIS flag with him.  He had a manifesto which stated that this was an attack and praised Allah.  His plan was somewhat juvenile though.  He wanted to use the petroleum jelly not for making a bomb but to grease the floor so people would slip.  Easier to attack them I suppose.  He also wanted to confront the police and try to take one of their weapons so he could use it. 

What isn't known yet, at least by the public, is whether he was being directed by someone else or if he was doing this on his own.  Isn't that was the terrorists are asking for?  For people to strike on their own?  They don't actually have to have an association with the terrorist group, just want to participate. 

Individuals committing terrorist acts in this country has started.  The biggest may have been the Boston Marathon bombing but I'm sure they are happening all the time. They just aren't being publicized as terror attacks.  After all, most Americans want to put their head in the sand and pretend it's happening everywhere but here.  If we don't pay attention then it's not really happening so we are all safe.  Just as safe as those students and staff at UC Merced.

The other day I was doing some research and came across a vulgar website that was run by a "Christian" group who hated Jews and blacks and was pushing the same agenda as the radical Muslims.  Those "Christians" aren't Christian just as the radical terrorist "Muslims" aren't Muslim.  I just read that the man who killed the people in Kansas because he thought they were Jews (oops they were Christian!) has received the death penalty.  Good. 

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