Friday, March 9, 2012

If you can't repair it, maybe you shouldn't own it

What do you think about my title?  It sounds really good although I'm not too sure how practical it really is.  I suppose if TSHTF then you better know how to repair whatever you are considering essential items. 

This weekend I need to make sure all the laundry is done so we can pack for our 10 day trip.  I also need to make sure everything is well watered.  Sure people have told me that they'll come over and water and collect the eggs but I will not rely on people to do that.  Why?  Six years ago I went on a three week trip to Antarctica and other places along the way.  It was the middle of winter here so I didn't have to worry about watering the garden.  I also didn't have the dogs at that time; just two cats.  I asked two different people to come by a couple of times to give the cats fresh food and water and maybe if they would, clean out the cat box.  I left enough food and water for the two cats for the three weeks but wanted them to at least have their water refreshed.  Sure enough one of the people didn't come at all because he knew the other person was coming and that other person happened to break up with her boyfriend the day after I left and never came over.  Two days before I arrived home Army daughter stopped by.  She was being transferred from Washington to Texas and used the house as an overnight stop.  She gave the cats water and changed the cat box.  This was 2 1/2 weeks into my 3 week trip.  Since that time I always assume that the person or people who agree to take care of things aren't going to show up.  Boy, did I digress!

OK a little more digressing from what I planned on writing about.  I started my seeds for the garden last weekend.  That wasn't good timing since we are going out of town.  Of course, I didn't know when we were leaving when I planted them so the thought didn't really occur to me that I may be leaving my plants to fend for themselves before they got put into the ground.  I have my shelving that I used last year for my little greenhouse.  It worked ok but I wasn't totally satisfied with it.  Today I laid it down on the ground and put the plants in it, at least they are also on the ground in between each of the shelves.  I covered the entire shelving unit with two layers of plastic drop cloth (free from Lowe's - when you walk out the door they have a huge roll of plastic and also twine).  I tucked the drop cloth under the top and bottom of the shelving unit.  It's now a good hothouse for the plants and they have about six to eight inches of head space to grow before they reach the top of the plastic.  Everything is well watered and I also have a couple of containers of water tucked in between the plants.  We will see how well it works this weekend since we aren't leaving until Monday.  I'm hoping that it will hold enough water that it the potting soil won't dry out and the plants will stay wet enough for the week and a half.  If not, there's plenty of time to replant.

Finally, I'll get back to what I intended to write about.  What does doing laundry and watering have to do with being able to repair things?  I'd like to keep track of what I use this weekend.  Refrigerator, coffee maker, washer, maybe even drier although the weather should be good and the clothes will probably be on the clothesline, truck, table, chairs, broom, hair brush, tooth brush, clothes, shovel, rake.  You get the idea.  Everything that I use. 

I can repair clothes.  That's easy.  When I was a young adult I got the bright idea to make clothes sewing completely by hand, not using the sewing machine for any of it.  Little did I know that was a good skill to learn!  What if my toothbrush snaps in half.  Yes, I've really broken a toothbrush while brushing!  Do I have backup?  How many do I have?  How long will my back up last?  For me, the two grand kids and how many other people?  What about the dining room chair.  If it breaks can I fix it?  Do I have wood glue?  What if the wood glue bottle gets nibbled on by mice and the glue spills out?  Then how do I fix the chair?  What about the refrigerator?  Or the washer?  Do I know how to fix these things (let alone having the parts to fix them)?  Do I have a backup if that item is no longer usable?  What do I have to replace it? 

I can fix almost anything that isn't motorized.  I have no clue about motors.  Or engines.  I can fix pipes, furniture, almost anything.  How about you?


  1. I go for a lot of reduncy, but I'm trying to build tools and parts for repair so even if I can't fix it perhaps some one else can given tools and parts. Lot's of howto books and articles.

  2. I have cross-trained myself in multitudes of skills because of collapse. I have a degree in gunsmithing, have built 4x4's from scratch, have studied, practiced and now teach wilderness survival, taught myself how to wire a SAFE DC solar back up system (including well pump), learned to change a tire by hand, etc.

    I have a motto......When I quit learning they better be shoveling dirt in my face......Think you don't have time to do these things? I have a reply. MAKE THE TIME, it someday may save your life!!