Thursday, August 2, 2012

Don't stop prepping

Several people who write blogs have not only stopped their blogs but also pretty much stopped prepping.  Many have gotten too busy with what they call "real life" to worry about prepping anymore.  One even wrote that he moved from a big city to a smaller town but he still has to work and think about all those family things and since it isn't the end of the world he isn't going to live like it's coming.  No more prepping. 

What has gotten better?  Is it because they are satisfied that they moved away from the city?  So now they don't have to stock up on food, clothes, ammunition, first aid supplies, or whatever else preppers may be stocking up on.  I just don't get it. 

I understand that often when people start anything they go overboard with excitement or with the urge to "catch up", but to just stop?  There may come a time that I stop writing my blog.  I hope it's not for a while.  The only reason I started writing was to help me chronicle what I needed to do and what I've done.  Otherwise you lose sight of all the progress you've made if you don't look back every once in a while to see where you've been.  That's even what the byline says...we are a California family who not only wants to prep we want to survive.  Follow us through our trials and tribulations as we get ready. 

I pray I never get to the point where I say it's not here so it's not coming.  We are done prepping. As far as I can figure, we will never be done prepping because even if we have everything stored for the rest of my life, there is so much to learn and even more to practice. 

I will probably not be posting for the next couple of days.  The grand kids and I are going camping.  I will not have the computer with me because there's no Internet available, even on my air card.  Most of the area we are going to doesn't even have cell phone service.  I'll have my handi-talki so help won't be far away if we do anything stupid. 

GI Jim gave us a good reminder today.  The grand kids need to have their little emergency packs on them every time they venture away from our campsite.  Even if they are only walking from our site to the pond to fish, they can be distracted and go chase butterflies or something.  It's not hard to get lost out in the woods.  Best that they have their little packs with a poncho, emergency blanket, a little food and water, their whistle, and their knife.  Boy will probably be carrying around his gas mask too.  He loves that thing.   


  1. It seems easy for some people to get excited about something and heavily involve themselves in the subject. Soon the luster, or work, gets too much and they move on to the next thing.

    Prepping for us is two fold. It is to prepare for what may come, but it is also a simpler lifestyle that is more beneficial in helping us live. Don't we all want a "better" life?

  2. I want to give up on a lot of things in life, but then I would be normal and 'ain't nobody got time for dat'.

    Sometimes it's great to take a few days or a week off, but then it's always catching up on what you should have been doing. Sort of like laundry, the pile never gets smaller and if you skip a week you have to shoot it with the shotgun to make a dent.

    Have a good weekend in the hills.

  3. Maybe they're just suffering from temporary burnout and the next power outage or crisis will wake them up again.

    Have fun camping!

  4. Sometimes, opsec requires that a person stop blogging.

    1. Great comment and even for the person who said that the end isn't coming so he's done, perhaps he's not really done. Perhaps too many people know he does so this may really be to throw them off.

  5. I am GLAD our Founding Father's didn't worry about OPSEC.

    G.I. JIM