Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally a substitute for Benefiber!

Benefiber has been off the market for months now.  The factory where it was made was shut down due to some machinery problems.  There wasn't a problem with the Benefiber product, just the factory.  Because of this Benefiber has been completely unavailable.  They sold out quickly and people have been plugged up since.  Every imaginable fiber powder, liquid, capsule has been tried.  Diets have been changed.  People have not found relief.  Until today.

I was at Costco today trying to get a shopping day in for Mrs. Bug-out Renter.  While I was there one of the samples they were offering was their new Wheat Dextrin product.  Just like Benefiber!  From all the discussion on my May 6 blog about Benefiber, I've learned there is a big difference in the different types of dietary fibers.  Of course, one of the easiest ways to deal with this is drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber.  Unfortunately for many, they still need a supplement.  If you still need to use a fiber the cards are in and Benefiber is the one that people want the most. 

Here are the ingredients for the different types of fiber products:
Benefiber - Wheat Dextrin.
Citrucel - Methylcellulose.
Fibercon and Equalactin - Calcium Polycarbophyl.
Metamucil - Psyllium Husk.
FiberChoice and Fibersure - Inulin (made from chicory root).

The Kirkland brand (Costco's own brand) is the Wheat Dextrin.  It is a 200 serving container for $15.  The last Benefiber I bought was a 190 serving container for $19.  More servings, less money.  Leave it to Costco to fill the void.  Once the word gets out it will be a best seller.  I still have about 250 servings of Benefiber left.  (I gave one of my 190 serving bottles away)  Yes, just like everything else I use, I had a large stock of this in our home store.  But, now that Costco is selling it, I will stock up next week when I do a shopping trip for us. Under $30 for relief for a year - definitely something that people out to stock up on.  From what I've just witnessed over the past four months, it is something that could easily have been bartered.  In fact, eBay is selling Benefiber for about one dollar per serving.  Let's see, 190 servings in my container... wow.     

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