Monday, August 20, 2012

Living in a Daze

Lately work has been so crazy that I seem to be living in a daze.  I hardly know what day it is, other than with school starting I can tell you if it's a school day.  Fortunately for me, after having returned from out of town last week, I've been able to dodge the bullet and stay home.  Being gone for two weeks, and not having time to read the news, surf the Internet, or really know what is going on is a very strange way to live.  I'm just a bit oblivious to what's happening right now, other than half my garden died and the other half is growing like gangbusters.  I'm trying to play catch up on many of the blogs that I enjoy reading but once I get a couple weeks behind, then I just have to resign the fact that I need to just skip a week of what everyone wrote.  If you wrote something that you would have expected me to respond to and I didn't, I'm truly sorry.  Send me a note and I'll read what you've written - otherwise I've just written off at least a week.
Work had our normal Monday morning conference call.  Two of the three people who work under me are pissed off.  Not really at wasn't me who threw them under the bus. Really.  Everything just seems to be going wrong at work due to high stress levels and emergencies happening throughout the state.  Things aren't really that bad in the southern half of the state, it's slowed down this past weekend.  One of my coworkers was on overtime for a week, he got back this morning and then was called out again, probably for another week.  He's like me and doesn't get paid as well as those we supervise when it comes to overtime.  I'm sure at the end of this siege he will not be happy either.  At least he can't blame it on me!  Those who work for me are just as stressed as I am.  At least when they get their paychecks they will be quite a bit happier.  Every 7 days they work on this crazy schedule they end up with their normal 40 hours pay plus an additional 100 hours of straight time pay.  Yes, that's 3 1/2 weeks of pay for working one week.  But let me tell you, they probably cut their lives short a month for every week they work like this! 
My San Diego guy got thrown to the wolves.  He told someone they couldn't do something.  That person ignored what he said and gave the go ahead to do it.  The person even stated that my employee gave permission.  Slime.  It's causing quite a commotion.  It may make the news, but it hasn't yet.  I hope it doesn't and just stays internal.  I wonder whose side the governor will take if it blows up?   
Anyway, back to living in a daze.  Has silver gone up or down?  Has there been any new crises of the day or week that I don't know about?  Gas has gone up in price.  I had to fill my family truck last weekend.  With the work truck I don't bother to look at the price, I just fill it up.  I need to go to the grocery store.  I haven't shopped in a couple of months other than milk, and even that lately has meant more powdered milk than fresh.  Life is just speeding by.  That's not good because although my calendar is pretty full between now and mid October, I realize that this is on a crash course to the craziness that will  be heading our way in November and December.  Are you ready because the SHTF real soon.  I need to stop and catch my breath and spend a little more time in the prepping mode.  I plan on taking a four day weekend for Labor Day.  Sounds like a perfect time to go shopping for more preps.  Hope there's no big emergency that I have to attend to.  I don't want to go!  Breathe, 1, 2, 3, 4, breathe, 1, 2, 3, 4. 

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  1. silver is way up. if you were looking to but a stash of it, you may have missed the best opportunity.

    Also the banks can legally steal you money now. see my post yesterday.