Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My rights or my job

An interesting memo came out yesterday at work.  It was the safety message about no weapons at work.  The memo included no weapons in your car if the car is in the parking lot.  No weapons if you are traveling for work, not in the car, not in the hotel.  If you are representing the company you will not be armed.  Even if you have a concealed weapons permit you are not allowed to carry a weapon. 

None of that bothered me.  I just break the rules.  To me, concealed means concealed.  Nobody is to know it's on me.  If there was ever a time I'd have to pull it out, I wouldn't really care that I wasn't supposed to have it on my person.  In fact, my coworkers would probably be happy I had it on me as well.

I keep concealed concealed.  So what am I worried about with the job?  That's not the entire memo.  It continued.  All items can be searched: backpacks, purses, lunch boxes, ice chests, cars, you name it, if it's on company property or parking lot it can be searched. All in the name of safety.  They forgot about body searches.  I guess they thought that might be taking it a bit too far. 

How about if they said that everyone should be armed?  That would have prevented the four deaths from the disgruntled employee a year or two ago.  No keeping everyone disarmed.  That didn't work last time, I don't know why they'd think it would work this time.

Normally I have one weapon on me and one in my bag or car.  Both are on my ccw permit.  If the "safety officer" at work choose to search my bag, guess what?  I won't have a job anymore.  What if I refuse to let them search?  I lose my job.  So every day I take my chances.

You know what?  I'd rather be armed and safe than unarmed and employed.     

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  1. I agree with you, 100%. I wonder what the law says about them searching your vehicle. In Colorado it's an extension of your home, and I thought in most states this would fall under the 4th Amendment, regardless of what an employee handbook says.

    Weapons aren't allowed at work but we're up to 13 people who have them, that I know about.