Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma twisters

That's where I'm going next week!  You know me and disasters.  I was in Hawaii during the tsunami warning (and Japan earthquake), in major wildfires, California earthquakes, and next week I'm heading to Oklahoma.  It won't be because of work, it's for oldest grandson's boot camp graduation.  It's almost time!

My friend, who moved to Oklahoma several years ago, was talking to me on the phone after the big twister hit.  Yesterday's twister that killed the two men traveled seven miles away from her house.  That's not really too close.  A year or so ago the barn roof was blown off during a tornado.  Today we talked until she had to gather the family and head into the storm cellar.  No school for her brood today.  With weather like that I don't think I would have sent my grand kids to school.  On the other hand, do they just get complacent and not think it will happen there?  I don't know.  I don't live in a tornado area.

I'm wondering if oldest daughter is going to allow the 10 year old to come with me.  The ticket has been purchased.  Will the fright of the weather hold her back?  I don't know.  Me, I'll go.  But you can be sure I will be completely alert to dips in the road and other tactics to take if a twister hits.  They didn't have much warning; 15 minutes that it was probably coming and from the time a small twister touched down to a mile wide monster in less than a minute.  You must stay alert and aware. 

One of the women at work has a son, daughter-in-law, and five grand kids who live in the town of Moore.  The roof of their home blew off but they were all safe and sound in the basement.  The kids were all kept home from school today.  Wise decision.

So far 51 dead.  Hopefully the death toll won't rise too much more.  Our prayers will be with them. 

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