Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Traveling with a non-traveler - OK here we come!

For the next five days Oldest Daughter's daughter (#3 Granddaughter) and I will be heading to Oklahoma and Texas.  #3's brother is going through Army graduation.  Since his parents don't want to fly, #3 is coming to witness her brother's graduation.  Makes no sense to me that mom and dad say it's too dangerous to fly yet they will send their 10 year old on a flight! 

She and I will have a great time.  We are going to visit our friend that moved onto the 80+ acres in Oklahoma as well as going to Post for the graduation.  After that we will head to Dallas to take in the Presidential Library before heading home. 

#3 has been out of state once, when they drove to Arizona and Nevada.  That's not very far out of state.  It also took hours and hours to get there because they stopped every hour for a stretch and eat break.  That's not the way I travel and she'd better prepare herself for my way.

First is packing her bag.  I gave her some suggestions on how to pack and what to pack.  No guns, no knives. I've been having nightmares about getting to the airport, oldest daughter dropping us off, and me forgetting my weapon was in my bag.  The weapon is in the safe, which isn't really making me feel safe by not having it on me, but I believe I'd bring it by accident.  I'm just so used to having it on me.

#3 is to bring a backpack filled with clothes and food.  She's also to bring some things to keep her entertained - and no electronics.  The horrors of traveling with a grandparent.  The kid will have to look out the window.  I got her a window seat on each leg of the flight.  Me, my carry-on bag will be just one step short of drawing attention to myself.  I will wear a good pair of jeans, a t shirt with a long sleeved shirt over, and heavy boots.  Sure they are a pain to get on and off through security, but it will be worth it if I need to do any walking.  We will be checking one bag.  It will include her frilly stuff plus important things, like my pocket knife and one for her, two bedrolls, food, flashlight, etc.  You know the stuff.  If it's allowed on the plane it will be in the bag.  One fun item I'm bringing is paracord.  She's going to make a bracelet and belt during the flight when we fly over boring parts or if it's cloudy.     

Since Boy and Girl are going to be staying at Oldest Daughter's house, I've got the house and garden all set up in case nobody thinks about watering while I'm gone.  The chickens and chukars have enough water to last the five days...I hope.  It's supposed to be 100 this weekend!  That's quite a change from the 70s and 80s of last weekend. 

The garden is well watered and should survive just fine.  I will lose all my peaches off one tree that will be ripe before I return.  I told some coworkers to come over and pick peaches.  I also told the next door neighbor and Oldest Daughter.  Hopefully someone will pick peaches and turn on the water.  I left a big note: Turn on the water at the barn and in the front of the house.  Maybe, just maybe...

Probably won't write again until I return.  #3 is going to get some good travel tips and some good survival tips. 


  1. Hellooooooo...okay, it's time for you to get back :) I know you needed this trip but I need your postings - been missing you! When ya comin home......

    "anonymous" is the only profile I could get to work - B

  2. I am a little concerned that we havent heard from you since your trip to OK. Hope all is well for you.

  3. Kathy in VirginiaJune 27, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Hope you are OK. I don't think you've ever been this long without posting. Just wanted you to know that I miss reading your posts!

  4. Where are you? Did you get home safe?

  5. Are you okay...coming back...been missing you...