Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A good rating by the boss and making hot sauce

I've been at this new job for 8 months now.  I'm really liking it; at least everything but the 75 minute commute.  I was joking today that there is so much traffic on this 50 mile jaunt.  There may be 20 cars heading in the same direction during the commute, all trying to get to work at the same time.  Almost every day I pull over to let someone pass.  20 cars over 50 miles.  Such traffic! 

Today the boss had to do the mid-year review.  I suppose he is impressed.  Under integrity he wrote: X does not make mistakes, but if X did, I am confident that X would acknowledge and learn from them.  X always delivers on commitments and promises and handles issues directly and openly.  

The new head boss (directly under the VP and my bosses boss) is starting next week.  The company got a new VP and instantly all the upper managers retired.  That's a lot of knowledge leaving the company at one time.  It doesn't affect me too much.  After all, I'm so new to the company that I'm not involved in any of the political on goings.  I'd just like to keep the job for the next few years.  But if I don't that's OK too.  We are prepared.

We had Mrs. Bug-out renter stay for the week.  She went back home today much to my relief.  Monday evening Girl hadn't done some of her tasks.  I told her that she had to do them on Tuesday, and I expected her to do them, not pawn them off on someone else (like Mrs. Bug-out renter).  I came home from work on Tuesday afternoon and Girl hadn't done her chores. Mrs. Bug-out renter said she didn't have to.  I told you that you did and it doesn't matter what anyone else tells you.  She hurried and got most of her things done.  She was once again going to put off doing her laundry.  I was so displeased that I made her get them washed and she was outside after dark hanging them on the clothesline.  If your clothes aren't taken care of by Wednesday when I get home from work you won't own them anymore.  After all, if I can quote you dear Granddaughter, you said that when we don't take care of our things we are showing God that we aren't grateful for the abundance of things we are given.  And God is the provider of all.  Remember you said that Girl? 

Before bed last night I told both kids they could not watch videos or play on Mrs. Bug-out renters computer today.  When they finished their chores they could go next door and swim or they could play board games or just play outside.  No videos or computer games.  So I get home and all seems to be good.  Girl got her stuff done.  The house was decent.  Then Boy tells me about this video that Mrs. Bug-out renter showed them.  Can you see the fumes coming out from under my collar?

I read what my boss had written.  Mrs. Bug-out renter popped up with how I'm perfect.  No.  But I do work very hard at doing the right thing.  I am paid to work so why should I not work hard?  Just like with the kids.  It's really easier to do what you are supposed to do and do it right then to have to spend the time doing something two or three or four times because you don't feel like doing it right.  What is respectful about that?  And where is the honor and integrity when you do something that you know is not right.  Or trying to convince someone (whether you are successful or not) that they should do the wrong thing?

We brought Mrs. Bug-out renter home.  Blood pressure automatically lowered... Then Girl asked if she could have full computer privileges again.  I said no.  Look at what you did today.  I said you can't and you did.  Boy said that they only watched one video.  My response was what difference does it make if it is one or 100?  Your integrity and my respect got shot down with the first video. You knew you weren't supposed to but you did.  Girl asked if she was good for a week if I'd give her the privileges again.  Probably not because you won't be tested in the next week.  You see, if you are given the choice to do right or wrong you must choose right. 

We get into shooting rubber bands at each other at work.  It's a stress reliever but I'm not sure the boss would see it that way!  But if that's the worst of my choosing wrong then all is well...until we hit someone in the eye and poke an eye out (now I sound like my mother!).

Now that I've gone on and on, how does prepping and doing what's right go hand in hand?  You can answer that question.  Doing what is right is everything, but the rules may change if the SHTF.  It can be easy to slip down the wrong path if you don't have a good foundation. 

On to something else.  Girl loves hot sauce.  Tabasco is one of her favorites.  She can go through an 8 ounce bottle pretty quickly.  So what is a grandparent to do?  Do you know how easy it is to make hot sauce?  Have you looked at the ingredients in Tabasco?  Peppers, vinegar, salt.  The label says aged for 6 months.  This doesn't sound hard. Take your favorite peppers and put them into a jar.  Slice them if you want.  Keep them whole if you want.  I usually use a quart or half gallon jar, but we go through lots of hot sauce.  Pints or 1/2 pints will work if you don't use a lot or if you are giving them as gifts.  Put the peppers into the jar.  Pour vinegar over them.  Put a lid on to keep the bugs out.  Stick it in a cabinet or shelf somewhere.  Leave it alone for a month to a year.  When you are ready to use it you can either just use the flavored vinegar, or do as we do, grind it all up in the blender and then put it into a bottle.  You can use green peppers, red peppers, purple peppers.  Whatever color and type you want.  If you mix them all together you will get a brownish red color sauce.  If you keep the colors of peppers separate then the sauces will have better color.  It doesn't matter to us, it's more if you want to use them as gifts.  We can also add some of the sauce when we are making salsa.  Normally I make salsa on the more mild side.  Just put in some hot sauce and it's more spicy. 


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  1. You really have your work cut out with those two little ones! Talk about a need to stand your ground! Keep on doing it!