Monday, August 26, 2013

Hit the sale at CVS

I had to run into CVS today to pick up some things that Girl asked for.  Of course I can't just walk into a store.  I have to go up and down the center aisle, the one with the seasonal stuff.  Well today I hit the jackpot.  If you have a CVS they may have the same things on sale.  I don't know.  But it may be worth a try.  So what did I buy at 75% off?  Yes, you read that right 75% off...
Ant bait, 6 pack, normally $8.00 - on sale for $2.00
Raid ant and roach spray normally $6.00 - on sale for $1.50
Fly strips.  These are disgusting but they sure catch flies and around here we can sure breed flies. .54 for a pack of 4!
Moth traps for food - Pack of 2 for $1.50.
Mouse bait (I didn't buy it because I get it in bulk from the county) under .75 each
Citrus and Avocado food - $1.25
Plant food - $1.25
Sure I know that a lot of times their prices are a little high but there's nowhere else that I'd be able to buy these items cheaper.  They are good to keep in stock.

Most of the time I get the food put into the freezer so I don't have moth or bug problems with the food.  But when I buy dog food, it always comes with moths.  I just filled up the 30 gallon dog food can with about 80 pounds of food.  I opened up a moth trap and keep it on the lid of the trash can.  It's amazing how may moths get trapped just in the first few days.  I move it up on top of the cabinet after the first few days.  It gets full before the dog food gets used up.  It's disgusting to know that moths and other bugs come in on our food and the animal food.  That's why as much as possible goes into the freezer for a few days first.

Anyway, if you can hit a CVS store, perhaps you can get some good bargains for the house.

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