Friday, August 23, 2013

Tourist killed because teens were bored and other rantings about crazy happenings

I know what this world is coming to.  We hear about how bad the conditions are in Syria and Egypt.  What about here, in America?  Our country?  I heard of two horror stories this week.  First were the teens in Oklahoma who were bored so they killed a perfect stranger.  Second was a woman who was lured into a house by another woman.  She was beat up, sliced with a knife, had caustic liquid poured on her face, and held prisoner for a week.  The day after she was captured a man was lured into the same house.  He ended up getting killed. 

I suppose today was a good day.  The terrorist, who was just having a bad day at work and just had a bout of workplace violence, was found guilty of 13 counts of premeditated murder as well as a lot of other counts for the harm to many others.  The Wikileaks slime got 35 years and now wants us to pay for a sex change for him.  He wants to blame his actions on gender identity issues. 

Best of all, at least here at home, was the endless paperwork for back to school.  How intrusive was this?  Free lunch paperwork.  You have to fill it in.  Every student has to be accounted for.  If the parent doesn't fill it in the school will fill it in for you.  First they want the name, birthday, age, gender, and social security number of each kid in your house that is in the school district.  Then they want the same - name, birthday, age, gender, and social security number for each adult in the house.  Oh yeah, also provide the income of each person.  And to top it off, the person signing has to provide their social security number.  What happens if you don't sign?  They will just look at the file the kid has in the office and fill it out to the best of their ability.  They will also interview the kid.  How many people in your house?  How many mommies and daddies do you have?  Butt out school.  But the kids put on the pressure.  Please get all the paperwork signed.  If the class gets their paperwork in quickly the entire class gets a pizza or ice cream party.  That's right.  If one kid's parents don't fill out the paperwork the entire class misses out on the party.  Good peer pressure.  Then I read the fine print on the back side.  It said that if you wanted you only had to put the names of the kids in that school and then check the box that you don't want to participate in their free lunch program.  You don't even have to give your social security number if you don't want. 

We went out to dessert tonight for a birthday celebration for one of my grandkids.  Two of my adult kids and their spouses and more grandkids were in attendance.  (Of course, I was buying!) One of the grandkids is being home schooled, the others weren't old enough for school.  I had this discussion with the four adults.  What did they think?  One set said it wasn't a big deal.  After all, the information is in your tax return so why not just give it to the school.  The other was livid and to quote him, "and one wonders why we home school?"

Only 182 more school days of indoctrination crap until the end of this year.  It makes me work harder and harder to get closer and closer to retiring so I can stay home and get Boy and Girl out of the real world.  It's just ugly out there.

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  1. Another example of trickle down in action. The students get ice cream, the school get form filled out which helps them get categorized, which helps them get more state and federal money.