Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Egg Update

I finally decided the eggs had dried long enough.  For those of you not following my egg adventure, I decided to dry my excess summer eggs to use in the winter.  I read about this but have never heard anyone I know actually talk about having done it themselves.  You are supposed to scramble the eggs and cook them in a non-stick pan using nothing but the eggs.  I scrambled six eggs for this experiment.  I cooked them, then broke them into smaller pieces and put them into the dehydrator.  After about 10 hours in the dehydrator they sat on a paper plate on the kitchen counter for a week.  They feel greasy but I'm sure that's due to the fat in the egg yolk.  They didn't make a grease spot on the paper plate, which was why I put them on the plate rather than in a container.

Tonight I figured they were dry enough and I ground them up.  I used my Kitchenaid grinder, although I do have an old fashioned hand grinder, and an older fashioned pestle and mortar to use if the situation warranted it.  Ground up the eggs look like cornmeal.  The six eggs come to about 2/3 cups ground eggs.  Sometime this week I will cook them up for breakfast.  According to what I read you should be able to reconstitute them and cook some of them like regular eggs.  I also read that you can use them in other recipes calling for eggs but I don't know how that will work out since they are already cooked. 

I'll report again soon.

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