Sunday, October 3, 2010


How much money do you spend on shampoo?  One dollar a bottle?  Five? Ten?  More?  We have tried all kinds of products and while the ten dollar bottles work and feel great, now that there's more than one person in this household ten dollar bottles of shampoo and conditioner are faded memories.  The issue though isn't how much it costs, rather it's how much you use. 

I can buy a 32 ounce bottle of Suave shampoo for two dollars, less if I can find a good sale.  If I use one teaspoon of shampoo per day, six days per week, I'll use one ounce.  Yes, a 32 ounce bottle can last one person for over 6 months.  I don't dilute it.  I use a pump on the bottle that only pumps out a teaspoon at a time.  I've taught the kids that one pump, less for the boys, is all that's needed.  Two bottles will last one person for a year.  That's four or five dollars per year!  Stock up on this.  It's cheap and easy to store.  Just don't use too much because you have a lot on hand.  You could make your own shampoo by storing and mixing a bunch of ingredients.  But why when it's cheap and easy to store it already made? If there are society problems do you really want to be spending time making a shampoo concoction?  I don't. 

Conditioner is something we use more of.  We will go through three bottles of conditioner for every two bottles of shampoo.  We don't use the conditioner straight out of the bottle.  We take a couple of ounces and put it into a quart spray bottle.  We fill the rest of the bottle with water.  You can use this on wet or dry hair.  I could store up ingredients to make my own but again, this is cheap to buy and easy to store.


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