Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free wood

At work I saw a pile of pallets and wondered if I could take them home.  I went to ask the warehouse manager but he was off.  I then asked his boss.  She said she didn't know if we got a refund if they were returned or if they just would get hauled off.  She told me to ask another of the warehouse type people.  The other person that she was referring to was off as well.  I then spoke to one of the mechanics and he said that it was ok to take them as long as I didn't sell them.  Not a problem.  I loaded eight of the best pallets into the back of the truck.  We will use the wood at home as there are always projects that need wood. 

Then he told me that at another work location there was a huge stack of wood that was pallets or something but that the wood had already been pulled apart and was now a pile of stacked boards.  Those were available too.  I went to that location today and was told that not only was there this stack of pallets and boards but that under the pole barn was more wood that I could take, as long as I didn't sell it.  At the pole barn were about 10 stacks of pallets and a torn down fence.  The fence was 1x6 and 1x8 dog eared boards attached to 2x4s and a 4x4 post.  Each panel was about five feet wide.  I hit the jackpot. 

Since this truck was the one with the camper shell I couldn't get all of the wood that I wanted but I got six or seven fence panels plus about 20 pieces that were already pulled from the panels.  With a full load I happily drove home.  I can go back as often as I want for more.  Since I have to head back that way at the end of the week I'll fill the truck up again. 

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  1. Pallets are a great source for all kinds of wood. There used to be a molding and planing mill in Visalia that would leave it's scraps in the street to pick up. I got lots of good oak for use in many ways.