Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Open doors

I spent the day in the woods.  It was great to finally get some field work in after not being able to drive anywhere for the past couple of weeks.  My arm still hurt, and I had a pillow as an armrest, but I was able to get out.  It was a productive day.  Yes a really good day.  Then I headed home. 

First I went to the grandkids school to pick the kids up.  I got there a bit early so I went into grandsons class.  I sat down in the back and told the teacher that I was picking him up but I was early.  Not a problem.  Grandson then decided on an impromptu show and tell.  Lift up your arm so everyone can see your scar.  OK, I'm on display and the kids all got to see my scar.  We cleaned out his desk after class and then headed off to find granddaughter.  She was supposed to stay late and work on an overdue project.  I got into the classroom and she wasn't in there.  The teacher was with about half the class.  Teacher said that granddaughter was disruptive so she didn't want her to stay in the class.  OK, instead of sending her home on the bus (since she didn't know I was at the school) she told her she could go out and play.  What a great punishment, I mean consequence, for being disruptive! 

When we got home granddaughter got scolded then sent to her room.  I am seriously considering pulling her out of school for the last couple of months and teaching her at home.  This will be a huge hassle since I do have a full time paying job, and they do expect me to show up to work without kids most of the time.  Oldest daughter and Army daughter have both offered to help school her.  I'm going  to think about it for the next week or two and we will see what comes of it.  She will be better taught at home.  I don't care if she doesn't have the social aspect of school.  The only part of school that is important is that she participates on their sports team.  I'd like to keep her in that so I'll have to see if I pull her if she'd still be eligible to play.

When I got home I went out to take care of the chickens because I didn't get to any of the animals other than the baby chicks prior to leaving this morning.  One of the hens was walking around in the garden.  It seems that someone didn't close the chicken coop door all the way.  I think all the chickens are in the coop.  I didn't see any others out in the yard but it was getting too dark to count them. 

Then I went into the house.  I turned on the computer to check how many work emails I missed since I was in the field.  I wasn't sitting down for more than five minutes when the kids said that my friends who rent the bug-out place were over.  Surprise, they are early.  They were supposed to come over tomorrow afternoon and are staying for a couple of weeks.  She is having surgery tomorrow and didn't want to recuperate so far away from the hospital.  They brought the dog.  Their dog is 1/2 German Sheppard and 1/2 Rottweiler.   They haven't had it long.  It is so fat that it barely moves.  It's had a hard time at the bug-out place.  They were hoping that it would play with our dog and maybe lose some weight.

Dinner time, add two more.  Threw together an enchilada casserole.  Tortillas, hamburger, cheese, enchilada sauce (home made from two years ago).  Simple, easy, and lots to go around.  I store the tortillas in the freezer.  I went out to the garage and found a big puddle of water.  Someone had gotten into the freezer and left the door open.  Some of the smaller items thawed.  Fortunately, there isn't a lot of meat in there.  Most of the stuff in the freezer is grain that I freeze prior to storing.  I just closed the door.  I'll deal with it tomorrow. 

The day didn't end there.  Army daughter's yip-yip dog was pregnant.  Was.  We now have four puppies. 

So what did I do to prep today?  Nothing.  Just one of those days!

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  1. Sounds like you prepped, just not in what you wanted to on that day. Life had other ideas.

    Sure enjoy your posts. They make me think of what to do next.