Friday, April 22, 2011

It's not just about stuff, it's also about not stressing

Part of being a survivalist or a prepper is to be prepared for not only minor events but also major events.  When something goes wrong there are many people who want to help the victims in national or international tragedies and also more localized events such as fires, accidents or deaths.  When people help others they are also helping themselves deal with these situations.  What are some of the things you can do? 

Structure is important, not confusion and chaos.  Slow down your life.  You don’t need every minute to be planned in advance with classes or sports.  Maintain normal routines.  If you don’t have routines start to do so.     Meal time, sleeping time, and family time should be maintained as well as possible. Structure enhances your strength and stamina, especially in the face of danger.  This provides security.  You may need to follow common sense rules and adjust to threats to further your security. Children need to know that their families will be there for them. 

Assure those around you.  They need to know that everything is being done to further stop, fix, or prevent the event.  They need to know that an effort is being made to bring forth justice.  They need to know they are loved and are important to you.

Take action.  Do something.  Be calm.  Read a book to a child.  Help out your elderly neighbor.  Write a letter to a soldier or first responder.  Encourage each other.  Listen.  Offer guidance and support.  Spend time with people you like.  People need current, accurate and practical information.  It will reduce stress and anxiety.  It can assist and guide you. This doesn’t mean you should be glued to the tv or radio listening and watching evil events on the news.  The news shows repeat the same stories each hour.  Do you need to hear it two or three times?  Be positive.  Make good decisions. 

Tell the truth even when it is not good news.  Provide as much detail as in necessary or able to be understood.  Keep secrets where secrecy is needed, but speak the truth.  Counter rumors with facts.  It is normal to have negative feelings but don’t get stuck in those feelings.  Take feelings out of the equation when necessary. 

Determine what needs to be done – then figure out a path to get to that result.  When guiding others let them know what result you want.  You can even provide some examples of how it could be done.  Let them have the final say of how it will be done.  You provide the expected outcome and the time frame. They provide the results. Don’t start down the path without knowing where you intend it to lead to.

It takes courage to stand up and do the right thing.  Have courage.  Trust God. 

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