Friday, September 2, 2011

Bunnies, doves, and pigeons

Yesterday I shot a couple of rabbits over by the woodpile.  Normally I just leave them where they die.  Sometimes boy wants to pick it up and move it somewhere else.  One of the two fell in between the boards and sort of disappeared.  The other died right in front of the pile, in a bunch of weeds. 

This morning I went into the backyard and right next to the patio was the dead rabbit.  It seems one of the dogs brought it up for me.  Thanks!  I picked up a little twig and turned the thing over.  It had meat bees in it.  Certainly don't want to get into their way. 

Later in the day puppy had dragged it around the yard.  This evening I went out and it's gone.  I guess I've got to shoot another.

It's dove season.  We wake up to gunfire.  People go into the dead vineyard behind us and shoot.  I keep the kids in during that time because although I don't expect anyone to shoot towards the houses, you just never know.  There's not as many people out hunting this year.  I don't know why.  Perhaps tomorrow will bring more since it's the weekend. 

The doves seem to hang out around the house.  They know that they aren't supposed to be shot at if they are within a certain distance to the house.  I think the head dove has a hidden tape measure and tapes off the safe area.  Sorry doves, if TSHTF you'd be toast if you were in my yard.  I know who the Fish and Game folks are, I know how many of them there are, and I know where they spend most of their time.  When they do patrol this area I know where they stand watch.  I can do what I want and will be fine.  Of course, I do follow the rules during this time of peace.  But the doves, ducks, and whatever else wants to fly by is fair game if society crumbles. 

I've been thinking about raising squab.  Pigeons, for those without the gourmet background.  I don't want to have them caged up like a friend of mine has.  He's a pigeon racer and those birds are better cared for than his family!  No, instead I'm thinking about luring some into the barn and making it a good place for a few pairs.  You can throw out a little grain each day and they'll hang around.  They'll fly off but return each evening.  They are known to bring their friends, but if too many of their friends show up they can be short timers and go into the freezer. 

After reading posts on other blogs about how people thought they were prepared for the hurricane and found some of their preps lacking, I was thinking about doing another of our no electricity weekends.  I'm not going to do it until after Army daughter moves out.  We may do a no electricity weekend right away but I'd also like to try out a full week.  After all, there are people in New England who will be off power for almost two weeks.  I don't think we are going to have the big Thanksgiving dinner at our house so maybe that entire week will be a good time to try out the no electricity.  It will give me two months to prepare for it. 

I still have the water issue.  I contacted another well/pump company.  They said that they'd put in an underground 2500 gallon storage tank and a pump for $7,000.  It would be just like the one they put in for my neighbor.  (Strike them off the list - they have no business telling me what they put in for my neighbor)They then said that they'd put in a second pressure tank next to the one I already have.  Then I'd have 50 gallons available before the pump would need to kick on.  That would be $600.  No thanks. 

I would like to put in a tank larger than 2500 gallons.  I'm still looking at buying a couple of tanks.  On will take the runoff from the barn roof and another to take runoff from the house. 


  1. The Farm Show in Tulare was a good source of info for me about tanks. We're looking for something for the rain water also.

  2. The farm show is a great place for me to look. Can't wait till February! For those that don't know, the farm show in Tulare is one of the world's largest, if not the world's largest farm show.