Thursday, September 29, 2011

Packing up

Son-in-law asked to borrow my truck for the next few days.  We can swap vehicles.  Sure, and don't forget to use the little utility trailer as well.  It's 5x8 which will pretty much double the amount of stuff you can bring per trip. 

Son-in-law's folks are flying in to town tonight and will be here for the next four or five days.  Son-in-law is taking Friday and Monday off of work.  Army daughter doesn't have school during this time either.  The three oldest grandsons are spending their Saturday helping with the move too.  If they just packed it up, moved it, take it out of the truck and trailer and just keep making round trips they can get it all done in a day.  If they try to unpack as they move it over there it will take the entire four days and they probably won't get it completed.  If Army daughter and her mother-in-law stay at the new place and the five boys and men do all the lifting then they could start unpacking right away.  

However they do it is their decision.  I didn't volunteer to move things, instead volunteered to watch their baby and even wash the bedding and stuff so when they put it all back together at the new place it will be all ready to go.  With only one truck (they can't use the work truck) and a couple of cars they really do have enough grunts. 

For the past ten months they've lived in our family room.  This room is huge; it's about 18x22 feet.  We moved the bookshelves into the middle of the room and divided the room in half so their bedroom was about 18x11.  Right before they moved in I had planned on splitting the room but not quite in half.  I was going to make a secret storage area across the back wall.  I was going to frame in and drywall a space about six feet wide and 18 feet across.  After I painted the wall I was going to put the bookcases against it.  Behind one of the bookcases was going to be the door to this storage area.  I'm planning on putting shelves in there and putting my food storage and other essentials there rather than in the garage.  Since the room has been literally cut in half for ten months now, moving the bookshelves back but having the room 18x16 rather than 18x22 shouldn't really be noticed.  After all, right now it's 18x11 so adding an additional 5 feet is going to make it seem really spacious. 

For the past ten months things have not at all been orderly out in the garage.  Their stuff is blocking about 15 feet of shelving that's been almost impossible to reach.  Even the food shelves are a mess.  That's because when I put stuff away I date it with a big sharpie and then put the newest stuff in back or on the bottom.  Army daughter wants the newest to be used first.  After all the rest is my storage stuff, right?  It's to be stored.  I go out every once in a while and try to organize it and rearrange the dated cans but I've really given up.  I've got some cleaning up to do. 

Yes I will miss them.  After all, how am I going to be able to laugh at Army daughter buying apples and egg whites, never minding our apple trees or 35 chickens? 

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  1. Interesting you mention the hidden room.

    We have a cellar and most in our town don't. It has spoiled us. I would probably dig one if we move to another place.

    Our daughter is drawing a house in Architectural Drawing in school and I recently got to see her latest drawing. She had a "hidden" room behind bookshelves.