Sunday, September 4, 2011

More research for the well and San Francisco and the gang fight

I've found something that looks promising for my well.  It's called Simple Pump (  The company is located in Nevada so if I wanted to go for a drive and see it all in person it would take me a day to get there.  For about $1600 they have a hand pump that will pump 5 gallons per minute with not much effort.  This pump is able to pump into the pressure tank or go into a larger tank.  They have a motor for it for less than $1000 more and it can be set up to run on solar.  They provide it all, and a live person to talk to.  On Tuesday or Wednesday we will be doing some talking. 

If I didn't have it on solar and we didn't have power to run the motor all I would have to do is crank the handle for water.  I may just go with that.  After all, I already have a good pump on the well, I just want a backup that will make me self sufficient if for any reason we didn't have grid power.  I really don't want to use one of those little pipe buckets that you drop down the well and hand pull the bucket back up.  That's a really hard way to get a gallon or two of water. 

Yesterday three of the grand kids and I went to San Francisco for the day.  We were hoping to catch a good football game.  Cal vs. Fresno State.  Fresno State lost, so I guess harassing some of my co-workers who went to Cal is off for a while.  I didn't go to Fresno State, but if you live in the Great Central Valley it is your team by default.  Every once in a while my the UC that I went to plays Fresno I'm the only one in the crowd of red that's wearing blue and gold. 

Around here one of the main gangs is the bulldogs.  They stole their name from FS.  This gang is known for tattooing the bulldog mascot on their bodies.  In fact, a couple of years ago, a jerk father forced his 7 year old son to get a bulldog tattoo. 

The game was held at Candlestick, which is where the 49ers play.  We met up with a group of friends and all sat in the cheap seats.  Although at $40 each they were anything but cheap.  A few rows over and below us a slob sat down, with his pants below his rear showing about 8 inches of his boxers.  He immediately pulled off his shirt and his entire back had a bulldog tattoo.  Great, Mr. bigtime gang member is here showing everyone his affiliation.  He was surrounded by a bunch of people who I assume were also gang members. 

There was a private security firm walking around.  While everyone else had their eye on the game, I kept a close watch on what was going on in the other row.  What surprised me was the interaction between the private security and this group of gang members.  It seemed that they were acting a little to familiar.  I like when security or police are polite but I don't expect them to be deep in conversation.  Perhaps the security member was part of this gang?

I also noticed the San Francisco cops were all milling around the stadium. I excused myself from my group and headed over to one of the cops.  I told them that the group of people just below us were gang members and if they wouldn't mind keeping an eye out on them.  They thanked me and off I went back to my seat.

Not too long after that some guy went walking in front of this group and next thing I see he's flat on the ground.  My first instinct was to rush over and see if he was ok and offer medical help.  I didn't follow that instinct!  I just sat and watched what was going on.  After all, this was happening between someone who could have been a rival gang member or just a spectator.  He didn't come up swinging but I think it was because he was drunk off his rear.  The security people hauled him off, although he was complaining about his broken glasses and the guy who purposefully tripped him.  Next thing I saw were the San Francisco police coming over.  Six of them.  Alright cops!!  Within two minutes the entire area with the gang members cleared out.  They just up and left. 

We didn't get home until after midnight so no post yesterday.  My head hit the pillow so hard after 11 hours of round trip driving to watch a 3 hour game.  This morning I was able to rehash what had happened.  First I knew the people were gang members.  Does that mean we should have left to keep ourselves safe?  No, although if I had seen a bunch of the rival gang members in a group sitting near the same area then maybe.  There are gang members everywhere: at the grocery store, the library, at the red light next to you.  Maybe even sitting next to you in church.  You just have to keep an eye out for what is going on and be able to react quickly.  You have to have a way out, or two, or three. 

They had a really bad pat-down for everyone, men, women, and kids.  I had no doubt that there were many, many weapons in the stadium.  I had a knife but the gun was locked in my truck in the parking lot.  I don't want to get so paranoid that I don't bring the kids places.  They really had a great time.  We've held drills before that they have to get down on the ground in front of their seats at other ball games.  If I held a drill there boy and girl would have done fine.  I'm not sure about the other grandson.  He doesn't get exposed to my drills as often as the two grand kids that live with me. 


  1. Nothing is cheap in San Francisco. I often wonder about the Bulldog gang while in Fresno, especially in areas with large amounts of people. It was nice to see the SFPD respond. Maybe that is the reaction to the 49er/Raider shootings a few weeks ago.

    Also nice to hear about your drills. That is something we need to start at least talking about.

  2. I would have talked with the police the same way, sometimes it's better to be proactive in that kind of a situation. The bad part of the whole thing is they probably had guns, the bad guys always do.