Friday, December 2, 2011

Heading out and not getting chores done

We lost power yesterday for about a second.  Army daughter for several hours.  Some people in the city still haven't had their power restored but it should come on soon.  A couple people were interviewed on the morning news.  Most complained that they need their electricity.  One person said he just turned on the generator and has two lights on in the house and the refrigerator and freezer are up and running.  Smart but I'm not sure I'd want to advertise that I had a generator.  Some things are best not discussed in front of a viewing audience of half million people.  Of course, I don't know who the guy was so I'm not going to be one of the hordes of people going over asking him to put my stuff in his freezer or keeping in the back of my mind that this guy is the house to raid.

There was no damage at all to the bug-out place.  In fact, they didn't get any wind at all!  That's actually a good thing to know.  Each area has a different microclimate and for that location to not get wind when less than 20 miles away as the crow flies we are getting blown away is pretty remarkable. 

I have to go down south again.  I don't expect to be gone too long.  Just need to help out for a couple of days.  I got everything here ready for my absence.  Checked the animals water, gathered eggs, filled chicken feeders.  It's too cold for yip-yip to stay outside at night and she's too stupid to go into a sheltered area.  She's going to sons apartment for the time being.  Hopefully the grandsons won't terrorize her too much.  Big dog stays home.  I just put out a bunch of food and she's good.  She'd rather sleep in the house during the day since she's up all night on patrol but that's the way it goes.  Army daughter actually has to do Army things today so baby is here keeping me company while I do my chores and get ready to head out. 

I don't know if I'll get any chores done this weekend since I'm not sure when I'll return.  The number one item on the list is to transplant more of the asparagus (dig it up, divide it, and then replant along the fence line) and the berries.  Next weekend we are going to take a drive and butcher the chickens.  While we can do that on our own, I've always found it good practice to learn from someone else.  They can tell you what works for them and what doesn't and why.  

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  1. I think we don't travel much because of the responsibilities left behind when we do. The repair after just isn't worth the trip.