Friday, December 16, 2011

The Road Home

A little while ago Rudy at  gave me the book The Road Home, written by Andrew Baze.  I had absolutely no idea what the book was about as I hadn't read any reviews of it.  Rudy assured me that I'd like it.  He was right.  Not only that but I'm going to give it to the grand kids and have them read it over their three week school vacation.  This book is a really good book to get the discussion going for kids to get started in prepping. 

There are five characters in the book, Dad, Mom, 14 year old son, 5 year old daughter, and bad guy. Dad and son go on a hiking/camping trip a couple hours from home.  Mom and daughter stay home.  A huge earthquake hits.  Son has to step up when dad gets trapped and hurt.  Mom and daughter are at home and bad guy breaks into the house.  Mom keeps her cool while protecting herself and her daughter.  All ends well. 

OK there's a lot more to the story than that.  It discusses basic preps like vehicles, first aid, keeping your wits, fortifying a room in your house, ham radios, full tank of gas, having water, carrying a weapon, and many other things.  I didn't really learn a lot, but the book isn't a manual for a hard core prepper or survivalist.  It's pure entertainment for about four hours.  It is a good book for the younger kids through teens.  I think my 9 year old grandson, 17 year old grandson and the other grand kids in between them would like the book. 

There were many things I liked about this book.  There wasn't any foul language.  Dad fell over the cliff and hurt his ankle.  No cussing due to the pain.  Do you know how many children's books use foul language?  Way too many.  There wasn't any sexual content in the book either.  Bad guy is in the house with mom and daughter.  Nobody is around to help.  Even when the bad guy was getting angry with the mom for not unlocking the closet door, the text read, "maybe he would even punish the woman for not letting him in."  Not that he was going to beat her or rape her.  No, just maybe punish her. 

At the back of the book is a list of what the author calls "Bonus Content." Some items in this list include: What should be in your backpack? What is ham radio? What is 550 cord? How can a Leatherman tool be useful?  If I was a young teen I'd read this list over and over.  There is a lot to learn and it all sounds very exciting and interesting for the youngster.  If the grand kids don't like it I'll let you know.

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  1. After you mentioned it in an earlier post, I looked it up on Amazon, hoping to order it. It was listed as $41.33 NEW! I couldnt buy that, so figured I would hit the library tomorrow to order through their ILL. Well, as I was scrolling down, they had the book in the Kindle digital format for FREE if you are a PRIME member, and I am! I was so happy! I'll let you know if I like it, which I will. I liked Patriots, haven't read the sequel yet though. Though my favorite book is "Lights Out" by Halfast. I read YEARS ago before the author printed it, we were members of the same forum when he was writing it. I like it because it takes place near me;-)