Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teaching new skills

I told my kids that I was bringing the grand kids to a new acquaintances home to learn the fine art of chicken butchering among other things.  My kids were not thrilled.  They remember as children their task of butchering our ducks and chickens and said they don't wish that on anyone, especially their niece and nephew.  Too bad, the grand kids are going to learn anyway. 

About 25 years ago we used to butcher our chickens and ducks but I really honestly do not remember butchering, plucking, or anything.  I must just be getting old.  I'm sure that once I do it again it will all come back to me.  If not, then it's one of those suppressed memories.  Rather odd.

Yesterday I had some fieldwork to do.  While I was out there the wife and young son of one of my coworkers came out to watch the bulldozers.  The little one had a good time.  The wife was talking to me and she said that she has no skills of value and she thought butchering chickens would be a good skill to learn.  Just yesterday morning at breakfast she told her husband that she wants to learn how to butcher a chicken.  I told the wife that I was going to PR to learn the fine art of butchering this Saturday!  I told her that their family should come over to my house sometime in the next few weeks and I will pass on the skills that I will learn on Saturday. 

It got me to thinking about the skills we pass on to others.  Of course our kids learn: sometimes by watching what we are doing and sometimes by participating.  Who else do we teach?  Friends?  Family?  Neighbors?  Not that there's anyone else I know who wants to learn how to butcher a chicken...

But what about our gardening skills?  Shooting skills?  Shopping, storage, and cooking?  Sewing?  House and yard safety?  First aid? Do you have skills you can teach as a gift?  The grand kids always make coupon books.  They will make my bed, cook my breakfast, and do all kinds of things.  How about a gift of teaching a skill?

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  1. Have fun. After our recent turkey experience, I would have no problem butchering a chicken. We just gave away the last of our old chicken flock. Originally they were going to be slaughtered, but things got busy. We still have a turkey to do, soon.

    I think passing on skills is important, but I also teach for a living. I'm waiting for your post so I can pick up some new skills.