Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hardware necessities

I write a lot about food.  Today it's about hardware. A couple months ago I went to Orchard Supply Hardware and at the door was a store directory handout.  So, of course, I picked it up and brought it home.  It went on my pile of items to put on the list.  As I read through the directory I decided to check off the items that I had and circle the ones that I thought I may someday need but don't have on hand.  I was pleased to know that I'm pretty well stocked but at the same time alarmed to realize that if things go wrong I could be stuck with a lot of items around here that will not be worth much more than paperweights. 

I'd like to include the entire list but I'm not going to.  It's a double sided paper with four columns of items on each side.  I scribbled notes all over it.  If I get another one I will scan it and include it in a posting.  Just not today. 

Some of the items just aren't necessary but many are very useful.  Let's go down the alphabet with some examples:
A - adhesives, auto batteries, axes (10 items listed)
B - batteries, bolt cutters, boots, brackets, brooms (20 items listed)
C - cable ties, camp stove and fuel, candles, caulking supplies, clothes line, coffee filters (43 items listed)
D - dowels, drain openers, drill bits, drop cloths, duct tape, dust masks (14 items listed)

Q, X, Y, and Z are not represented.  The rest of the letters are.  I'd suggest the next time you are at the hardware store you pick up a directory.  Same goes with the grocery store.  There may be things that you may only need once a year or once every five years, but you will be up a creek without a paddle if you don't have it and you can't get it.


  1. We just were talking about lights and hardware as Maureen replace a light fixture in a lamp. We have kerosene and Coleman type lanterns in case of a brown out. But what if there is electricity, but your lamp breaks? We have some leftover parts from various house projects, but how long they would last I'm not sure. Also how are they stored Easy to get to when needed? That is my fear. Good reminder.

  2. That's a good tip to get a store directory. It will give me an overview of what should be stashed in the garage and shed.

  3. I wish to point out that you are going about things the RIGHT WAY !! Beans should be everyone's number one priority. If you have the essentials, the other will be easy to be had. While unprepared others are rushing to the food store, you can purchase from the hardware store , the automotive store, truck stop, Nursery, etc. In an economic collapse, if you watch the signs, you will have about three weeks to turn your Federal Reserve debt Notes into something of tangible value. My first stop would be a feed store to order as much animal antibiotics as I can. They are not as expensive, do not require a prescription. They are just not held to the production standard of human grade. In collapse, anything is better than nothing and who will give you a fresh prescription for what you REALLY NEED!! Nails, lumber, roof sealer, barbed wire,seeds etc. will be the last thing on the unprepared's minds in pre-collapse. One more point, If you by a camp stove, buy a dual fuels. You can burn unleaded gas or white gas. Doubles your options.

    G.I. JIM

  4. Yes these are important and essential things.