Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just had to rifle through the dumpster

OK, so the dictionary defines rifle through as searching with the intent to steal.  Well I suppose, sort of, that's what I did.  The dumpster next door is being removed tomorrow.  I went through it quickly this afternoon.  I was really only able to recover (see that's better, more like rescuing than stealing) a small portion of what I would have liked to get out of the dumpster.  Unfortunately Grumpy Old Man's (GOM) kids didn't care much at all about the stuff and much of it was broken or ruined in some way or another.  But I did find some treasures - GOM's baptismal record, his college diploma (we both we to the same university, albeit he graduated before I was born!), and family photos.  What a bunch of jerks!!!!  Between being thrown in and the rain the computer, printer, and office supplies were toast.   There were a few trash bags that were thrown in.  I opened them and found a couple of unbroken Pyrex measuring cups, a Pyrex baking dish, a nut cracker, about a dozen new boxes of Ziploc bags, a nice Webster's dictionary, and best of all, a brand new pair of good cowboy boots that either boy or girl will fit into in a few years. 


  1. Another man's trash becomes my treasure is my motto.

  2. I REAlLY need to get a permanent ID around here if I'm going to keep commenting. I know I will keep reading. :)
    I smiled so big reading this, because I cannot resist a chance to trash pick either. It chaps my hide to see some of the things people throw away! So much is wasted that could AT LEAST be donated to a charity instead.
    I'm glad you could rescue some useful items.

  3. That is so sad. I am our family historian, and i would love to have any baptismal records and photos of family members. But you know if he was grumpy like you said, then he reaped what he sowed. If he didn't instill in them the importance of family, it's not surprising they threw those things away. What disgusting people..they need LOTS of prayer.

    We are "trash pickers" too. LOL The people next door to us let their land go back to the land agent, and they left a HUGE pile of trash. We asked to go over and see if there was anything we could recycle. We were able to get a brand new, never opened roll of barb wire, a new back door, a new gas can, four concrete corner stones for a shed, two brand new bathroom sinks, and some hand tools. We were very happy. We were shocked they just left this stuff.

  4. I wish to remind all, that people make a good living going around Fresno and going through the piles of "Junk" that people throw away during operation clean up.

    G.I. JIM