Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No job after all

Son called up to tell me that two hours before he was supposed to start working at his new job the boss sent him a text saying he hired someone else.  Thanks but no thanks.  No job.  Son was pissed.  I was sort of laughing to myself.  Why?  Because he was complaining about the lousy pay.  How's NOTHING for lousy pay, son?  I guess the $10 a hour wasn't going to be too bad after all. 

He then wanted to know if I've gotten their taxes filed yet.  I do all the taxes for my kids.  Turbotax makes it easy, plus I understand what I'm doing so it's not just letting the computer program do the work.  I understand that they gave me their W-2 info on Sunday.  I wasn't planning on doing the taxes for another couple of weeks.  Why do they want it done now?  Well it seems they don't have any money to pay the rent on the first of the month.  What?  You just bought another new TV.  You just spent tons of money on your kids for the holidays.  Daughter-in-law flew home to visit her family for a few days and you don't have any money set aside for rent?  No because he was expecting unemployment and welfare to cover it but that's not going to start for another few weeks and they won't get any money until way after rent is due.  Sorry, I'm just laughing to myself.  I've got to get off the phone.

I don't understand how people can have their values all screwed up.  Now it's one thing if you bring in very little money and you are just surviving and then you stop bringing in the money.  But even then, beans and rice, rice and beans, boring but nutritious.  I'd think having an emergency fund would be more important than the TV or travel.  Guess not.  Do I have any money to spare?  Not for that.  After all, I'm excited that we are saving five to ten dollars per day by not heating the house during the living without heat for a month experiment. 

I guess what ticks me off more than anything is that when the kids were growing up I worked hard...often with them in tow since I was a single parent.  Even now raising the grand kids I am able to work at home some days but some days must go into the field.  When possible they get dragged along with me.  I make sure they understand I have to work or they have no roof over their heads or food in their bellies.

Almost everywhere I go I see help wanted signs.  I think a lot of people are comfortable living on unemployment or welfare that they'd rather not have to put in the hours at a job (unless it's under the table so they can still collect).  (Now don't get on me if you are one of my several readers on disability or such, I'm not saying you are lazy, I promise!) It's all for minimum wage or not much more but if one parent works during the day and the other at night they may not see each other but at least their bills would get paid.  Or my son could do what so many others do.  Stand outside of Home Depot or Lowe's with a sign "willing to work hard".  People get picked up for day labor jobs all the time.  He could also go out door to door and if they have any odd jobs that need to be done.  If someone showed up at my property and was looking for a job, I wouldn't have them inside but there's outside stuff for someone to do.  They could work on the fencing.  That's one job I hate doing but would pay someone minimum wage to do.  Not to son though.  He can find a job somewhere else.  I've experienced his "helping". 


  1. sounds like the school of hard knocks is back in session after the holidays...

  2. It is not only your son, but the times. So many only see today, as we as a society have been conditioned to do so.

    As to day laborers you are correct. As we hear of folks in need we trade work, as we are cash shy, but have always a good day of work in trade for farm fresh meats and eggs. Seems like times are heading this way again.

    I am enjoying from the sidelines your experiment. As we only use a woodstove I am intrigued at others and how high heat bills etc climb, so this is neat to follow.


  3. Sounds similar to my situation... daughter works 48+ hours/ week, son-in-law to be sits home (won't work, unemployment ran out, Marines won't pay disability Because he Wasn't Hurt), 4 cats, dog several snakes and frogs eat before my grandson (remind me to send him home with more packs of oatmeal! He cried and clutched it to his chest!!!)... a friend gave me a box of food at work (where I work w/ daughter) friend was given for Thansgiving but didnt need... daughter ran right over to my office and claimed they had no meat for Thanksgiving dinner (and didn't want to eat w/us)... I gave daughter the turkey I was going to save for Christmas)... come to find out daughter and household had my turkey, a ham and plates of food brought to them by a neighbor!
    Hurt? Angry? Hurt? Angry?
    All I can say is, "Wow!!! Really? You took food out of your little brother's mouth?" (I did not even tell he I know... but this is the last time!!!)

  4. Are you sure you aren't talking about my kids? This is too real for comfort. I guess I'm not alone with kids who are irresponsible.

  5. There is a large difference in people wanting a job and people wanting to work. Lot's of help wanted signs, but not many people around here want to actually work, to do whatever it takes.