Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Duckling Killer?

The other day I was complaining because the ducks hadn't hatched.  Yesterday, two days after they were supposed to hatch I unplugged the incubator.  I left the eggs there since I was too dejected by having none of the 20 eggs hatch.  Today I picked up a couple to try to candle them again.  They still looked like there was something in there.  So I'm ticked off.  What did I do wrong?  How could none of the 20 hatch?  Was the temperature wrong?  Was the humidity wrong?  Do they just not like me?  I don't have any idea. 

I put the eggs back into the incubator.  I'll throw them out later.  I walked by a little while later and noticed that three had little cracks in them.  One has something sticking out.  Are they now starting to hatch because they know I'm ready to throw them away?  So I may not have killed them and then I was about to kill them?  Hatching eggs is confusing.

Of course I have to leave home this evening and not return until Thursday evening.  I guess the good thing to remember is that when ducklings are sent in the mail they will go for a day or two before arriving, which means they haven't eaten or drunk anything.  So, perhaps they will hatch and perhaps they will be alive when I return home. 

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