Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Solar Garden Lights

Just a short post today.  One really great light source that is cheap to buy are those small solar lights that you use along walkways.  At the end of the season they cost about $2.00 each, and during spring and summer they can still be picked up almost anywhere for under $5.00 a piece.  I have five in my trailer in the cabinet.  I keep them in their original carton that I bought when I bought the dozen (most were placed in my garden).  They stand straight up which means there's less chance of them getting knocked around and breaking any of the cheap pieces. 

I put three outside this morning and they soaked up the sun all day.  This evening I brought them in and they are providing enough light for me to do my work.  They only light up my end of the trailer.  The grand kids are still in the dark.  I don't have a lot of reading to do, if I did I think I'd need about five of these rather than three.  Still, it's a great idea to provide lighting at a very cheap cost. 

It's a good idea to have these on hand at home too.  If the lights go out you can you these at night instead of the nightlights that you may use now. 


  1. Remember when using light in a grid down situation to use strict light discipline. Placing blankets over windows so no light leaks out. Walk around the building/trailer and make sure light is not shining outside.
    Having light showing in a grid down situation is a "Come here and loot me" invitation.

    G.I. JIM

  2. With just a little effort you can use these lights to charge up batteries for other devices too. Get the yard lights with a on/off switch built in. Replace the cheaper lower capacity AA battery with a higher capacity rechargable AA battery. Place the yard light in full sun and let it charge, it may take 2 or 3 days to fully charge the higher capacity batteries. Then pull out the batteries for your camera, flashlight, mp3 player, etc.

  3. It is good to have solar garden lights to make your garden visible at night. You don't need to worry about your electric bill because it only uses solar energy.

  4. I love Solar Powered Lights because they are nice but practical in the same time !!! I've even made an article with my faves Solar Lights http://www.squidoo.com/funny-solar-lights-for-garden-or-patio

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  5. Solar lights are not only reliable, but affordable as well. As it is, the energy utilized comes from the rays of the sun, and such power as 100% free. Your only expense is the one-time price of the device, which you can consider as an investment since solar lighting fixtures are durable and known to last for many years. Kudos to the many who use such alternative-energy illumination devices.

  6. Thanks to advancements in LED technology solar flood lights and solar sign lights are a reality. They are affordable and very reliable.