Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The New Job?

I'm applying for a new job.  I don't really know why other than I am being urged by my brain to do so.  (test from God?)  The job is in Utah.  It's cold there and I don't like cold.  It's away from my mother, brothers and sisters, children, and grandchildren.  I like hanging around my family.  I love where I live: the already established year round garden, well producing fruit trees of every type imaginable, the weather.  It doesn't pay any more than I make now.  It will lower my retirement income.  Nothing sounds like I should even put in the application, does it? 

I never look at job boards since I like my job.  My job has been super stressful lately, mainly because other people have screwed up and I'm the fall guy.  I can take that since it sort of makes the job a challenge (how can I keep this mess out of the public eye and still do the right thing?), yes a definite challenge.  Digressing a little, I was thinking about the absolute stealing of public funds when GSA took those "planning" trips to Las Vegas for a few hour presentation.  Total theft of public funds.  Sometimes I have to take trips to plan for things (totally different situations) and it may take a week or two of planning to work on a four hour in the field lecture.  Different scenario, completely necessary and defensible, still looks bad to the public who doesn't understand why or how you set up a training class.  Nothing at all like GSA and would be dropped after the bad headlines made lots of advertising dollars.  Some of the job stress is from the human remains we dug up a few weeks ago and some from two of the three that I supervise.

I've never wanted to work for the federal government, why would I want to start now?  Why am I applying for this job?  Not sure other than I guess I'm supposed to go to Utah for an interview?  Maybe I'll meet someone on the way and have a good conversation?  Maybe if I do that then I won't do whatever else I had planned for that day...and maybe if I was in the other place I'd have been in a car wreck?  Maybe I can stop into some food preparedness stores and pick up supplies in person and with cash rather than having to ship things and leave a paper trail?  I just never know why I get pushed to do something that's totally out of the ordinary.  I don't really question it. 

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  1. I keep being told change is good. I have changed what I teach for the last two years and will again next year.

    I agree, "What am I to learn or gain from this?

    Keep us posted.