Saturday, April 21, 2012

No ducks and other happenings

Ducks, what are you waiting for?  The ducks are supposed to hatch today.  They haven't yet.  Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning we will have some ducklings.  Otherwise, I'm not sure what I did wrong.  I even candled a couple of eggs and all looked fine.  Maybe by morning.

I got a phone call from the local post office this afternoon.  They said that my package arrived at the post office on April 4 and should have gone out to me that day.  Then I was told that 9 packages have been deemed missing that were all at the post office on April 4th.  Either someone walked in the back door and stole them or someone who works there stole them.  The postmaster doesn't know.  He advised me to contact Target to tell them that I never got my package.  I did and Target gave me a refund.  I wonder if Target is going to charge the post office for the loss since the post office has a record of it arriving but never going out for delivery?

My tractor mower deck is working once again. Son-in-law finished up removing the shredded belt and put the new belt on.  I was out with Boy and Girl at their track meet today and missed his visit.  When I talked to him on the phone he said that he didn't know how to put the deck back onto the tractor so he didn't.  Not a problem, it's easy if you know how to do it, which I do.  I mowed the front and back and only stalled the tractor once.  The grass was a foot tall in places.  Boy and Girl get to rake it all up and put it into the chicken coop tomorrow after they finish Sunday School. 

Army daughter and her husband promised to come over tomorrow and help with whatever chores I wanted them to do.  They were going to work for 5 hours so make sure I have a list to keep them busy.  Army daughter called today to cancel.  Since she didn't have anyone to watch their 18 month old they couldn't come over to help out.  After all, it's too hard to do chores and watch the baby.  Whatever...  But, because they were coming I did make up a list of things that need to be done that I've just overlooked.  For example, my garden is fenced with 6"x16' boards.  One of the boards is broken in half and hanging.  More wood is in the barn.  It's just something that I look at and think I'll do another time and then I don't.  Now that it's on the list I'll be more likely to get to it. 

Steve recommended a book called See You in a Hundred Years. I bought the book from ebay for less than $6.00 including shipping. The book is about a couple from New York and their two year old son.  The Wards decide to live for a year as if it's 1900.  They sell everything, including their car, to buy a farm in Virginia. By keeping with this 1900 theme they removed some of the modern conveniences from their farm, including the well pump.   So far the book is worth reading just to learn about there adventure. 

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