Sunday, May 20, 2012

Change of plans and explaining a friend's parents

Today was going to be a busy but somewhat typical Sunday.  It didn't start off well.  I woke up at 2:30 this morning.  Why?  Would I sound crazy if I said God kicked me out of bed?  That sounds crazy to me so instead of telling you that how about if I say that I suddenly woke from a deep sleep and had the urge to check on the incubator.  No particular reason, just felt like doing so at 2:30 in the morning.  Oddly enough the temperature was at 105 rather than the 99.5.  I don't know why since nobody has touched it and it's worked perfectly for the past two months.  I immediately lifted the lid to cool it down and then stayed up for the next half hour regulating the temperature gauge to get it back to 99.5. I then went back to bed.
Youngest granddaughter spent the night last night and she woke up at 4:00 screaming.  Now she's 1 1/2 so there shouldn't be much reason to scream in the middle of the night.  She was sitting up in the crib and told me her foot was stuck.  She pushed it through the end of the crib.  It wasn't stuck.  She could have just pulled her foot right back into the crib but for some reason she didn't.  I guess when she woke up she didn't remember where she was.  I calmed her down and laid her back down.  Nothing doing.  She wanted to sleep with me.  Sure, this night is not turning out well so I may as well have her sleep with me.  I put her in bed and noticed the light on in the hall bathroom.  (The light shines through the bathroom window which then shines through my window.) 
A couple minutes later Boy came into my room to tell me that he just went to the bathroom and that his blood sugar is low.  What the *!*!*?  You don't even know what that means.  You are probably thirsty.  Get a cup of water and GO TO BED! 
I just knew the baby was going to wake me in an hour, just to make my night complete!  But she didn't.  I woke up at 7:30 and the grand kids all woke up between 7:45 and 8:00.  We have to be out of the house at 8:45 because we have to pick up another granddaughter and get them all off to Sunday School.  I then have to drop of the dog that we've been sitting for the past week and also drop off the baby back to her parents.  I'd have time for nothing else because the kids would all need to be picked up from Sunday School (at two different locations).  I had to get the granddaughter that I picked up in the morning home then my two home.  It was going to be a hectic day, at least until 2:00.  Then things would be back to their leisurely pace. 
We were right on track until 8:30.  Boy was sweeping the hallway, girl was going slow in her room, baby was in the kitchen eating breakfast.  The car seat was in the truck.  All three dogs were in the truck wanting to go for a ride.  What do I hear?  Someone throwing up?  I walk in the hall to see Boy throwing up in the hallway for a second, or is it third time?  "You can't walk the five feet to the bathroom and throw up in the toilet or on the tile floor?  You have to throw up on the wood floor?" That's not very loving.  OK, let's try it again.  "Let me help you into the bathroom."  I was glad the baby was in her highchair because she loves to help clean up and I certainly didn't need her help with this mess.  
I asked Girl to call her aunt to let her know that we weren't picking up that granddaughter.  Girl then had to call her other aunt to tell her we were not dropping the baby off.  She then had to call the family friend to tell him we weren't dropping the dog off.  Then she called Sunday School to tell them that she and her brother wouldn't be coming today.  
I got Boy to bed and he proceeded to tell me that he knew he wasn't feeling well.  After all he told me so.  No.  You told me that you had low blood sugar.  You didn't tell me that you weren't feeling well and at 4:30 in the morning I wasn't going to play 20 questions.  He slept all morning.  He got out of bed to tell me he was hungry.  That's nice, go to bed.  I brought him some lemon-lime soda and crackers.  He wasn't interested after all.  It's now almost dinner.  He's still in bed.  Slight fever, no appetite.
Since Girl didn't have Sunday School today she asked if she could go to her friend's house.  Sure if they pick you up and drop you off since I'm not going anywhere today with your brother being sick.  Her friend lives with her mother and visits her father on the weekends.  The mother lives about 20 miles away now and the father is about 6 or 7, which is too far for a 10 year old to walk.  Girl was telling me about her friend's parents.  They fight all the time and the mother says she will call the sheriff if the daughter is brought home late from the weekend visit with the father.  Girl wanted to know if the mother would really do that.  I told her that sometimes people who get divorced do and say dumb things just to be mean on purpose. 
Then Girl told me about the mother.  I'd met her a couple of times.  She looked very manly.  Well, according to Girl, the mom is now going by a boy name and had an operation to take away her chest.  The mom gets mad when people call her/him by the old girl name.   The daughter wants people to call her by the girl name.  Great, explaining transgender to a 10 year old.  I told her in the olden days there were some girls that would rather be boys and some boys that would rather be girls.  I said they'd just dress different and act different.  Now, because the world is so advanced with surgery that people can actually change their bodies, not just the clothes they wear.  I asked her if her friend is embarrassed that the mom wants to be a man?  Girl said she doesn't know if any of their mutual friends know.  I also said that no matter what, this person is always going to be her friend's mother.  Even if everyone else thinks she is a man, she's still this girls mother.  That can't be changed.  I explained to Girl that she is not allowed to talk about this, even to her friends, because it would be gossip.  
Instead of my busy day I had a rather slow, easy going day.  I did some laundry.  I watered the lawn and the garden.  I collected eggs.  I read a book.  There were so many things I could have done to further our prepping but I didn't.  Oh yeah, I took the jerky out of the dehydrator.  That doesn't really count. We had another chick hatch yesterday and one this morning.  That makes 8 so far.  Hopefully Boy will wake up tomorrow back to his normal self, otherwise I'll have a repeat of today on a work day.  I suppose that's what sick leave is for. 

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