Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden cart

I have a large wheel barrow, which is great for wheeling dirt and things around the yard.  If it is loaded lopsided the thing will fall over.  Many times I've watched the grand kids dump a load of whatever they are trying to haul because it was off balance.  I also have a 10 cu. ft. steel dump cart that can attach to the tractor.  It's not convenient to use for most projects. 

There are two different types of garden carts that I'm looking at.  One is a 5.5 cu.ft. plastic yard cart.  You can pull the handle or hook it up to the tractor.  It has a dump feature.  It will hold sand and small items but it doesn't look like it has a completely flat bottom so I'm not sure how well it would hold potted plants and trees without them falling over.  I'll have to look at it in person rather than just on line.  The other cart I'm thinking of is a steel cart.  It has a flat bottom but the sides are mesh so you can't haul things like sand or compost without a tarp for a liner.  The handle doesn't convert to be able to be held but also hook up to the tractor.  That's OK.  If I needed to, I could rig something so the tractor could pull it. 

Although we have the well, with a hand pump, I'm wondering what would happen if I had to pump the water by hand and haul it into the house.  A five gallon bucket filled with water weighs 40 pounds.  How many of those would I want to carry versus pulling several at a time in the cart?  It would also be real convenient to load wood into to bring from the further out wood pile to the sheltered pile in the shed to the back patio.  I don't know anyone who has either type, other than the local nurseries have the steel mesh type to hold plants as you shop.      

I got another gift card in the mail today thanks to my Discover card.  When I spend a certain amount I get a reward of money. You can get the cash or purchase gift cards.  Sometimes the gift cards are discounted.  I bought a $50 Lowe's gift card for $45.  I'm hoping to buy the garden cart with the money.  The ones I'm looking at both cost a little over $100 each, which means I have to wait until I get another gift card.  I don't have any travel scheduled for a few months, but then I'll have 12 nights of hotels, which will probably earn another gift card.  Maybe by then I'll figure out which one would be better.    

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  1. Garden carts allow you to haul flowers, trees and other plants around your garden for planting. They also make moving heavy loads of manure or compost easier because you can just pile them on the cart and push. If one of your garden cart's wheel is bad, however, it won't work like it should. Replacing the tire will fix the problem and give you back the use of your garden cart.