Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Memorial Day to you

Today is the day that we give thanks to all those in our military who gave their lives so that we can live in freedom.  I wonder how many of them wouldn't recognize the country that they fought so hard to defend?  Probably most.  I was thinking about those soldiers and realized that I didn't personally know any of our military folks who gave their life for our country.  I've known plenty of  military personnel.  My father, one sister and one brother, Army daughter and son.  Lots of friends kids too.  I suppose I'm fortunate that I've never had to suffer that loss.   
Our family went to a religious service this morning and had a wonderful luncheon there.  We came home and had about 30 minutes to prepare for our bbq dinner that we were hosting.  Fortunately only oldest daughter and her family were coming and they were bringing the meat and a dessert.  The people at the luncheon today had so many leftovers they had us pack up a bunch so the two desserts I made last night were all I needed to supply, along with some sun tea that I put out in the backyard this morning.
Oldest daughter loves chickens and spent most of her time holding each of the eight chicks.  As she was petting each chick she was announcing to that chick how she was going to cook it and what side dishes she was going to eat with it.  It was sort of morbid but rather funny as well.  Good thing the chick didn't know what she was saying!  She didn't have as much luck holding the ducks but she thought she'd be funny and put one of the ducklings in with the chicks.  The duckling wanted to go huddle with the chicks who wanted nothing to do with it.  Oldest daughter took out the duckling and put it back with the other 12.  My plan was to put the ducks out front but with the hawks out front I am rethinking that plan.  There is more shelter in the backyard so they'll probably end up there. 
Girl and other granddaughter picked a couple pints of strawberries.  I'm really pleased with the strawberry plants.  They are producing nice sized strawberries and I haven't killed off too many of the plants.  They get watered when the front lawn gets watered and a few just aren't getting enough water.  I water them by hand but need to figure out how to get the sprinkler to water them better.  The rainbird waters right over them and the water doesn't drop down on top of them.  I'll get it figured out before any more die off. 
The two baby hawks put on a show for the company today.  They flapped their wings and one actually flew across the front lawn. 
After the company left and the grand kids went to bed I had about 30 minutes of daylight left to do some outside chores.  I put up some more fencing and moved the sheep into that area.  I plan on planting my avocado trees in that space so I want the sheep to eat it all down, then I'll rototill, set out the water hoses, and plant my trees.  I have six avocado trees that I've started from seed.  The trees are about a foot tall and once in the ground should just take off.  Their first few winters will make or break them but I've got a plan.  I'm going to put down black plastic on the ground around them and make one long greenhouse to go over the entire row for the winter.  That should keep them warm enough.  Once they get established they can take a minor frost but they must be established first.  Any frost before that will kill the branches back and possibly the entire tree.  I've planted three or four avocados in the 15 years I've been here but none survived.  The last one would have survived except it got knocked over by oldest granddaughter. 


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  2. I agree with you that the "official" birth certificate is not the official birth certificate. The truth will come out after he's out of office and those who support him will be happy that he got away with it.

    Our country is filled with so many people who don't care about what's right or wrong. It's all about who will give them the most handouts. Obama is their man.